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Kajabi review – all-in-one website builder for consultants

Kajabi styles itself as a complete online business platform for entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers. To expand this claim, it’s an entire system for you to build your business if you’re a consultant, coach, or youtuber, blogger, or influencer in some form or other, you may want to offer online courses or newsletters.

You can build a website, more like a whole system that does several jobs:

  • Content delivery for your courses
  • Content creation
  • Keeping track of your members
  • Send out newsletters
  • Send out notifications
  • Sell your products and accept payments
  • Lead generation
  • Build and nurture relations
  • Blogging
  • Market your products

All these tasks might have been done with several services and with Kajabi, you can do it all in one single interface. You can build your website and funnels as well as create your courses without coding knowledge. But as always, there’s the tradeoff between the degree of customisation and how easy it is to set something up.

Kajabi was created by Kenny Rueter who made a how-to video for a sprinkler toy with PVC pipes but he didn’t just want to post it for free on YouTube. Since its launch, Kajabi has grown to a user base of over 19K.

Pros and cons of Kajabi

As a content marketing system, you can sell, promote, and deliver your online courses or coaching programs in a central hub. You can build your website and landing pages for your campaigns. It also helps with automating your marketing efforts.

Although Kajabi doesn’t come cheap, you might still be able to save your monthly running costs because you don’t need so many other tools and services. It could potentially also save time because you don’t need to jump between the different tabs where the services “live”.


  • Very user-friendly and great for beginners
  • Easy to create digital products
  • Unlimited hosting for all your courses
  • Live chat 7/24


  • Minimal room for customisation compared to a free tool such as WordPress or a paid one such as
  • Unreliable at times with downtime
  • Can be slow at times
  • Costly
  • All websites are branded with Kajabi’s logo (you can remove it if you subscribe to to the mid-level growth plan or higher)
  • You can only use custom fonts if you’ve upgraded to the pro plan
  • Basic automation features

Who is Kajabi for?

Kajabi works for anyone who wants to reach out to their audience with a blog, communicate with mail, create courses, and host them so that their audience has easy access. This can be

  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Influencer
  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Podcaster

It is meant to be a one-stop-shop for you to create, market, and sell your digital products. If you’re in the self-help niche, which includes

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Health and fitness

you get to create your sales funnels, manage your contacts, build a community, create and sell your courses.

Of course, you can use Kajabi as an all-in-one marketing tool for any other online business to host your website and landing pages, to manage your contacts, and to run your email marketing. Similar to how you’d use Clickfunnels or

How easy is Kajabi to use?

Signing up is a long process where Kajabi not only asks for your credit card details but also many questions about you and your business. When you finally have answered all the questions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the dashboard.

The user interface is clean and well-thought-out because Kajabi knows that their target customer isn’t comfy with tech. You can access Kajabi’s feature in the left side menu. The UI is consistent and all the tools for building your website, landing pages, or emails are drag-and-drop. So, if you’re coming from another website builder, you know your way around within minutes.

Website builder

To keep the learning curve as flat as possible for building your website, you start by choosing your template and then land in the editor. You may think it’s a drag-and-drop editor, but it isn’t. You arrange your page sections by shifting them up or down in the left side menu. But you see the changes instantly in the main window.

You’ll immediately find that the builder has been designed with beginners in mind because there’s really not much room for customisation (limited choice of themes, layouts, fonts, and colours).

Kajabi design and templates

You get to choose from several templates that are modern and look profession for your website and landing pages. Should you not like the predesigned and free templates provided by Kajabi, you can also take a look in the market for custom premium templates.

Kajabi templates

How to manage your ecommerce store in Kajabi?

Before you can sell something, you first need to create a product. Kajabi will help and guide you through the process. You have the choice of creating online or drip courses, a membership or coaching programme, and a community.

After you’ve created your products, you’ll be spending time in the Sales tab. To sell a product, you need to tie it to a price tag, that’s what Kajabi calls an offer. Since you’re selling a knowledge product, you don’t have to handle the physical delivery. The delivery, that is hosting of the courses and access to them is handled by Kajabi.

Kajabi integrations

In theory, as an all-in-one solution, Kajabi doesn’t need third-party integration. Still, you can work with third-party email providers such as Aweber. You also can use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for your stats and reporting. And of course, it can’t miss Zapier.

What marketing and SEO tools does Kajabi have?

You’ll find that Kajabi gives you a bunch of quite essential tools to help you market your business. As already mentioned, you can create landing pages aka squeeze pages, thank you pages, but also popup forms, A/B tests, programme, and then some.


You can only set the meta title and meta description for the homepage of your website. Each landing page can have its own meta title and meta description.


Setting up a blog and writing posts is similar to creating a page. It uses the same editor so you should feel right at home. You get the essential tools to publish a blog post

  • Add meta title and meta description
  • Add tags
  • Schedule

Having a blog can help your marketing efforts, but don’t expect it to be as powerful and versatile as WordPress.


If you prefer not to write, you can also go into podcast creation. You can create episodes, host your audio files, and distribute them to major listening apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. You can also create private podcasts that are only available with your products.

Sales funnels aka Pipelines

Instead of following industry conventions, Kajabi calls user journey or sales funnel “Pipeline”. It helps you create your sales funnel with your online course platform workflow. It comes with templates for several workflows helpful for those who have little or no marketing knowledge.

Funnel templates

It works hand in hand with automation. Since you can set a trigger and one condition, it’s more an autoresponder. You only get the condition if you sign up for the growth or pro plan. This is what Kajabi calls advanced automation Still, it doesn’t provide you with a visual workflow editor.

Automation in Kajabi

You can send personalised email broadcasts. This means, you can manage and segment your list and then send your newsletter.

Affiliate programme

A way to get your fans to be evangelists, you can make them into your affiliates. They will promote your offers in exchange for a commission. You can manage sales commissions and track your affiliates. But this feature is not available in the basic plan.


Your stats can give you insights into what courses worked well or which aspects need improvement. You get a report for things such as page views, opt-ins, revenue, affiliate sales.

Payment options

To be able to get paid, you can connect your Kajabi account to Paypal or Stripe.

Kajabi security

Your website including landing pages of your funnels is secured with an SSL certificate. As payments are handled by Paypal and Stripe the payment data of your customers are not visible to Kajabi.

Kajabi customer support

Knowing that its customers are not necessarily comfy with tech, Kajabi has several ways to help you ease into using it. You can join a live webinar. If you have a question, you get to access the live chat with the support time anytime. You can also send an email or simply query the self-help resource. And all that from within your dashboard.

Kajabi pricing

Of course, if you look at the pricing chart in isolation, you may feel that Kajabi comes with a hefty price tag. Although, if you look at, which also hosts and delivers your courses to your customers, it does seem eye-watering. But it does offer more.

Check out the plans

Is Kajabi the right tool for you?

If you’re a content creator and looking for a convenient way to run your entire online business and market it from a central place, Kajabi is a good option. It will help you sell your products while not overwhelming you.

But the downside is not negligible: For one, it’s expensive, even if in theory you might save by not using a plethora of tools. And as with many all-in-one tool, you get everything to get up and running but you do everything only good enough. Not excellent. This means it’s not always the best tool for a specific task.

Also, seeing that it does suffer downtime from time to time, you may not want to put all your eggs into one basket, right? Lastly, if you don’t already have an existing audience, don’t go with Kajabi.

If you like to know more about user journeys and setting up a funnel, feel free to reach out to me.

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