You can visit nearly 2 billion websites online. It’s a fact that, if you’re running a business or considering starting one, you can’t afford not to have an online presence.

Build and grow your business with a little help of Cenny. We’re a bunch of entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in digital marketing to share. Come and spend time with us. Learn from our experience and get proven processes. Save time. Save money.


June von Bonin is a fullstack web developer with a penchant for ecommerce technology. Cenny came to life as a way of documenting the journey from building to successfully running an online store.

Running an online store itself needs the right technology, or in the jargon “tech stack”. Then you need tools to streamline your operational procedures and tools to do marketing. Down the road, you also want tools for education and analysis, maybe also for news and community management.


We’re a group of experienced entrepreneurs with many projects (own and client works) under our belt. Along the way, we’ve learned to recognise every problem out there.

Philipp Egli

Philipp Egli​ is a technology-savvy online marketing and content specialist and has been working in the B2B IT environment for 12 years as a business developer, product owner, communicator, marketer and leader. For him, high-quality content is the key to market and brand success. Structured and automated marketing processes and a close integration of sales and marketing help to place the core messages in a target group-oriented way and to collect relevant information about the markets.

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