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Clickfunnels review – legit or overhyped?

If you’ve spent time learning marketing, most likely you’ve heard about “funnels”. And, if you’re graduating from learning to doing be it for your own business or as a marketer, you’re looking into tools to build your own funnels.

This is exactly the space that Clickfunnels occupies. It aims to be the one-stop-shop for you when you launch a product or start a company. It lets you create landing pages and funnels and gives you tools to promote, sell, and deliver your products and services.

Clickfunnels began in 2014 as a software for building online sales funnels. The founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson originally designed it to take the hassle out of building sales funnels – from finding different talents from the developer to the marketer. Its users can build funnels, all without any technical skills.

This has allowed Clickfunnels to grow steadily year on year. It boasts over 110’000 active users, and by the time you read this, this number will be even higher. Moreover, it’s all self-funded.

Pros and cons of Clickfunnels

Like many in the website building market, Clickfunnels offers its solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS) that you can subscribe to. It’s an integrated system that allows you to build landing and sales pages, give webinars, and nurture your relationship with your customers with automated emails.


  • Ease of use
  • No coding skills required
  • Easy to build all types of funnels
  • It comes with a multitude of funnels and templates
  • A/B split test helps you optimise each step in your funnel


  • No forever free plan
  • When you sign up, you need to enter your credit card details
  • Many pop-ups to drive you to an upsell
  • ClickFunnels pages have that certain look and it’s very clear they’re Clickfunnels pages
  • It’s pricey
  • It has a learning curve (or you need to know what a marketing funnel is)
  • It’s designed to be easy to use, but that may limit the level of customisation

Who is Clickfunnels for?

If you’re just starting with online marketing and selling, or if you want an all-in-one solution, then check out ClickFunnels. If you’re a coach or a consultant, or more generally, if you sell information products or offer services, take a look.

If you have an idea, Clickfunnels makes it easy to turn it into a well-designed sales funnel and see how the market reacts. All this without you hiring a tech and marketing team. It’s for entrepreneurs who want to grow their email list, generate leads and successfully convert them into customers.

How easy is Clickfunnels to use?

As an all-in-one marketing solution, Clickfunnels offers many features. Still, the interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate. You’ll find everything you need to within a few clicks.

Clickfunnels dashboard

Before building anything, you need to know what the purpose of the site is

  • Generate leads
  • Generate sales
  • Host an event

After determining your goal, you’ll be guided step by step until you’ve built your first funnel. The next step is to customise each step of the funnel, starting with your landing page.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to place elements where you want

Interestingly, you can publish each step of your funnel on your domain or

  • As a popup version of on any website
  • Automatically opt in people who click links in your affiliate’s emails
  • On a WordPress site
  • To Facebook
  • Embed on any website
  • Download the HTML and host it wherever you like

Clickfunnels design and templates

For every type of funnel, Clickfunnels has prepared pre-designed steps and templates, so that you’re don’t have to worry about staring at a blank page. All offered templates are fully costumisable and proven to work. They’re also mobile-ready, so they look good on all kinds of screen sizes.

Although you get a ton of templates for each step of your funnel, it’s really obvious that these are all Clickfunnel pages. That is, they all have that ClickFunnels look.

How to manage your ecommerce store in Clickfunnels?

You can sell everything, from digital and tangible goods to services. In contrast to traditional shopping cart solutions such as Squarespace, you can liken Clickfunnels to a kiosk in a shopping mall but it only sells a single product. Whereas Squarespace is more like a store with many alternatives and features.

If you build a sales funnel, you’ll find all you need to manage your sales under the tab Sales

Clickfunnels integrations

The main integrations offered by Clicfunnels are for email marketing providers, outgoing SMTP, and payment gateways. You can also integrate it with Zapier to add the Swiss Army knife of integrations to your site.

Clickfunnels integrations

If you decide to use Clickfunnels to drive sales to specific products in your online store, you can easily integrate it with shopping cart solutions such as Shopify.

What marketing and SEO tools does Clickfunnels have?

Since Clickfunnels wants to make it easy for you to build your marketing funnel, it comes with a multitude of marketing tools. Each page that you add to your funnel can be A/B tested, while the performance of the funnel as well as each page can be tracked. You can add follow-up funnels and manage your contacts.


It’s easy to add meta tags such as title, description, or keywords to each page.


If you need a blog, you can also add it to your funnel, but you can see that Clickfunnels doesn’t think having a blog is important.

There are 4 blog templates to choose from

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

If the purpose of your funnel is lead generation, you can build segmented lists and then build a follow-up funnel to send messages based your audience’s preferences. The follow-up message can be email or text.

You can segment your customers by

  • Name
  • Location
  • What was the last product they purchased
  • Their behaviour on your site and with your products


There are several options to integrate Clickfunnels with popular autoresponders. Clickfunnels itself also offers an email marketing automation feature, although you only can access it on the top tier plan. With this feature, you can set up a drip campaign

Affiliate programme

The same with running an affiliate programme – you only can do it if you’re subscribed to the top-tier plan. But then you can

  • Set up custom affiliate plans
  • Create different types of affiliates
  • Design a two-tier affiliate programme
  • Manage affiliates and payouts
  • Monitor affilaite analytics


You’ll want to keep an eye on each of the pages you’ve created for your funnels. Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can optimise your results by going into the analytics.

Payment options

If you’re planning to build a sales funnel, you’ll want to be able to collect payments. You can integrate it with Clickbank, Paypal, and Stripe among others.

Clickfunnels security

Clickfunnels takes care of all security and maintenance issues. If you want to secure your site that’s on its own domain SSL, you need to set it up yourself. If you use a Clickfunnels subdomain, it’s secured with SSL.

Clickfunnels customer support

You can contact the support team via a live chat if you subscribe to the top-tier plan. You may not need to with its comprehensive knowledge base and a vibrant community on social media.

Clickfunnels pricing

When you look at the absolute prices of the two plans, they seem pricy. If you consider what’s really in it, you get bang for your buck.

The plans are only visible when you’ve got an account

Is Clickfunnels the right tool for you?

As one of the first all-inclusive marketing funnel building solutions, Clickfunnels boasts an extensive feature list. It works well for results-driven entrepreneurs of all sizes and experience levels. Consider it, if you want an easy way to sell physical or digital products online without building an eCommerce store using Shopify or WooCommerce. You get most of it when you have an idea of what your funnel needs to do, otherwise, it can be overwhelming.

Even if it works well for results-driven entrepreneurs, these are consultants, people selling courses or coaching, or businesses selling a single ecommerce product. It doesn’t work well when you have more than one offer.

If you’re on a tight budget, or if you won’t use all the features Clickfunnels offers, then it’s not compatible.

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