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Adpage review

Whether you’re in marketing or an entrepreneur, you’ll often be designing and launching campaigns. To launch online campaigns, you often need to do the same tasks over and over again. With Adpage, you can manage and improve your campaigns. It also helps you streamline the process and with the reporting tools you can optimise your message.

A glance at Adpage‘s website tells you that it promises to increase conversions with personalised landing pages. You can create landing pages and mini sites, accept payments, and let your audience answer quizzes. It promises you to get conversions at every step of your funnel. You can

  • collect contact information through landing pages and popups
  • Segment your audience
  • create personalised landing pages
  • measure and then optimise your message

Adpage is headquartered in Uden, Netherlands.

What are the pros and cons of Adpage? offers a suite of tools to help you manage and improve your online campaigns with the most notable being the landing page builder. You also choose to use its (separate) tracking tool to measure everything and then use it to improve conversions.

If you’re running a marketing agency, Adpage’s Workplace will help you manage your customers. It helps you keep your customers up to date and you can work with them and your teammates.

For this review, I’m going to concentrate on its landing page builder.


  • free forever plan (albeit with limited features)
  • detailed reports
  • once set up, it can help you save time and tedium by automating tasks
  • you can add custom code
  • revision tool lets you go back to previous versions


  • can be costly, especially for SMEs
  • some features may not be translated into English or available in all regions
  • you can’t search for a specific section in the large section gallery
  • limited integrations
  • sparse documentation

Who is Adpage for?

If you’re regularly running online campaigns and want to lift the tedium of doing repetitive steps, take a look at Adpage. It’s particularly useful if you’re running multiple campaigns or need to track performance in detail.

Doesn’t it sound like a handy tool to have in the toolbox if you’re running a marketing agency? You can also see in the feature sets of the different plans that Adpage is targeting agencies. It allows you to white label or get your own agency login.

How easy is Adpage to use?

You can start with Adpage’s free plan and see for yourself if it lives up to its expectations. Note that if you want to publish your project, you need to upgrade to a paid account.

Adpage workspace

No credit card is required when you sign up for the free account. The free account only provides 1 workspace. It’s where you can find all your projects and visitors.

Landing page builder

Thanks to the pre-built sections, you can create a landing page in matter of minutes. You can also create new sections from scratch and save them to your section library. Adpage has added the thoughtful feature of revisions. This means you can go back to a version in your history.

Design and templates

Adpage prides itself that it templates are tried and tested. Its templates are optimised for

  • building email lists
  • enriching profiles
  • filling vacancies
  • generate appointments.

Since a page is made from several sections, you also get a library of section templates.

Adpage’s templates

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Adpage?

Although you can accept payments if you’ve subscribed to a paid account, Adpage is not a fully featured ecommerce software. You don’t get a storefront or the backend to run and manage your online store.


Adpage comes with some vital integrations such as Google Tag Manager. You can also add Facebook or TikTok tracking. Other integrations include Activecampaign and the Swiss Army knife Zapier.

What marketing tools does Adpage provide?

Obviously, you want to keep a close eye on the visitors to your landing pages. That’s why you’ll see at a glance how many visitors came to your page and other KPIs in your workspace(s). If you’ve subscribed to the plan Agency or above, you get server-side tracking.


Adpage gives you SEO options. You can define your page title, description, and keywords.

Payment options

You need to subscribe to the Starter plan or higher so that you can accept payments. These plans then have the option for you to integrate with Stripe or Mollie.


All pages created with Adpage are secured with SSL. Although it’s not quite a backup, you can go back to previous versions of a landing page with the revision tool.

Customer support

The customer chat support is responsive and answers within minutes. What’s not so convenient is that the help centre is quite sparse.


Including the free forever plan, you can choose one of 4 Adpage subscriptions. Adpage follows the old motto: the more you pay, the bigger the feature list.

Adpage prices

Is Adpage the right solution for you?

If you’re regularly running campaigns, particularly if you’re running multiple in parallel, you’ll find that Adpage can take a lot of your shoulders, albeit at a price.

On the other hand, if you want to dip your toes into online campaigns, then you may be happier with something easier to use. You’re already getting to grips with marketing and then also having to pile on how to use a more complex tool may be too much. Why not try Quickpages or Sunny Landing Pages?

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