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Quickpages review – completely free landing page builder

Having a solid marketing strategy is the foundation to growing a stable business and lead generation plays a central role. Using landing pages is one of the best of the best methods for the sales and promotion of your business.

You surely have seen how many social media pages ask you to click on the link in the bio. If you click on the link, no doubt you were brought on a page offering you something – a landing page. Using a landing page is one of the best methods in marketing because it can turn a visitor into a customer. Granted, the visitor is already interested – they clicked on the link in the first place.

Building landing pages was once something reserved only for developers and designers. Those people with the smarts to build pages from scratch. But the rise of landing page builders has given way to a new type of pros who use these tools to save time and money so that they can focus on what’s the most important for them: building their business.

Landing page builders a subsegment of the wide website builder market. Instead of offering a service with which you can build any type of website, landing page builders specialise in building lead capture pages.

Quickpages is the only one in this market that offers its service for free and boldly claims on its website that it will remain free forever. It sticks out like a sore thumb in the landing page builder space, because usually aren’t shy to ask for a hefty price. Just see Unbounce for example.

Back in 2015, Quickpages was founded. Its headquartered in London, UK.

Pros and cons of Quickpages

Quickpages may not come with all the bells and whistles you could think of. Still, it gives you all the basics you need to build attractive landing pages. It comes with pre-designed templates and you point and click to build your landing pages without any need to code.

With its real time analytics, you can see how many people visit your pages and convert. This data gives you actionable insight so that you can optimise and prune your pages.


  • Very easy to use, so much so you can even use it on your smartphone
  • Free to use
  • Even though it’s free to use, the landing pages are not branded or show any ads
  • You can create unlimited landing pages


  • This is not really a con: It may appear too simple with a limited feature list but that’s what makes Quickpages really effective

Who is Quickpages for?

If you want to build a thriving business, marketing and with it lead generation is a must. Nowadays, people come to your sites and social media presences. With the help of landing pages, you can make the most out of it.

Quickpages gives you tools to build attractive landing pages that get the job done effectively. Compared to other landing page builders, it may appear simple. Nonetheless, it gives you all the tools to build mobile-ready landing pages. The simpleness can cut both ways: Some may not like the limited feature set but it also means a lot less faffing around finding the tools you want or need.

How easy is Quickpages to use?

It couldn’t be easier. The signup is painless: Just use the one-click registration with Google or go the traditional route with email, name, and password.

After your first login, you’re onboarded with a quick start guide. You’ll also see that it’s still under development. If you need more features, it recommends another service.

You don’t need design or coding skills to build your landing page

Quickpages displays hints on the input fields to help you through the process. It’s probably also due to the limited feature set that Quickpages is so nice and easy to use. You find everything you need in the left side menu. The interface is clean and optimised so that you can also build landing pages on your tablet or phone.

You see your created landing pages with the stats on the dashboard

Quickpages design and templates

There’s a limited range of templates. They’re all mobile-ready and easy to customise.

Quickpages templates

How to manage your ecommerce store in Quickpages?

Quickpages isn’t built for dynamic content such as an online store.

Quickpages integrations

You can integrate Quickpages with Getresponse or Mailchimp. Otherwise, to get the leads, you can also use Custom Email Type. This allows you to export your leads as a CSV file.

What marketing and SEO tools does Quickpages have?

Quickpages is only concentrating on giving you the tools to build and host your landing pages.


Quickpages has optimised the loading times both for mobile and desktop. You can check the loading pages yourself with Google Page Speed. This is one of the factors for SEO. You can set the URL of your Landing page and give it an HTML title.

Landing page settings


Quickpages is only focused on landing pages and hence not built for dynamic content such as blogging.

Quickpages security

As a hosted solution, Quickpages takes care of all the technical things. All landing pages are encrypted with SSL.

Quickpages customer support

You can find the contact details in the footer of all pages in Quickpages. It’s not clear when the office hours are but look at it like an open source project: Quickpages is free to use and hence you can’t expect customer support like a paid service.

Quickpages pricing

It’s free to use and Quickpages doesn’t seem to plan to change it in the future.

Is Quickpages the right tool for you?

Quickpages is as easy to use as it gets. Although you may not get an endless set of features, you can get landing pages up and running in a jiffy and without coding.

This means the question should be worded differently: How important is it for you to do digital marketing and promote your business? If it’s on your priority list, then you should be thinking of launching landing pages and the corresponding campaigns.

I understand it can be a bit of a daunting task to develop a marketing strategy and set up a funnel. If this sounds like you, and you could use more guidance, feel free to contact me.

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