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Convertflow review

There’s more choice than ever when it comes to building your website, landing pages and managing leads. You can use a tool for each task or choose an all-in-one marketing platform. Given that having a robust online presence and converting visitors into customers is critical to business success, a service that combines everything into one comprehensive tool will help you simplify the complex process of building sales funnels. Especially in e-commerce.

That’s what Convertflow wants to do for you: Instead of having a wide range of different services, apps, and reporting, you have everything organised in one dashboard. As an added bonus, it comes with a landing page builder so you don’t have to wait for your IT department.

Convertflow was launched at the end of 2016. It started as a simple call to action tool. In the meantime, it has revamped its service by listening to feedback from its customers. By 2023, it had generated more than $236,000 in revenue, acquired 2,000 customers, and transformed into a tool that helps you increase conversions.

Pros and cons of Convertflow

Convertflow promises to do away with a lot of single-purpose conversion tools and customisation. It allows you to consolidate most of them into a single dashboard. With Convertflow, you can create and launch any type of conversion on your website – within minutes and without a coder. You can add a quiz or a simple form to your website – or go all the way and launch a multi-stage funnel.

As usual in this field, Convertflow is a subscription-based service that you access through your browser. This frees you from having to install or maintain the software.


  • A lot of control
  • Ready-made funnel templates and content blocks speed up the building process
  • No credit card is required when you sign up
  • Free forever plan


  • It can have a learning curve, for one, the initial setup can be overwhelming
  • Prices are on the high side

Who is Convertflow for?

If you’re a marketing professional, you’re probably already building funnels. Funnels for a new product, funnels for the holiday season and more.

Although Convertflow says it’s a funnel builder for ecommerce, if you want to generate leads and improve your conversions, it can help you. You’ll also see when you sign up that you can use it for other industries too, as Convertflow asks you if you want to use it for software, services, education or something else.

It’s for you, if build landing page and like to add popups, surveys, and forms to your website. You can create a user journey and engage your audience, all on your website. All, without the help of developers.

In other words, Convertflow can help you improve your conversion if you are a

  • marketer
  • entrepreneur
  • SMB
  • agency
  • blogger
  • enterprise

How easy is it to use Convertflow?

When you create your account with Convertflow, it will guide you through the initial setup with its onboarding form. It’ll ask you about your industry, your CMS platform (which service you use for your website) and which email and SMS marketing provider you use. Of course, it’ll also ask you how many visitors you had last month – that’s for pricing purposes.

As it says, if you watch the demo, you get 1 month free

It’s not a bad idea to watch the demo, since there is a learning curve. To help you along your journey, if you skipped the demo video, you can still watch it, since Convertflow prepared a 5-step onboarding checklist.

After your first login, Convertflow takes you the its templates page. The templates are for building funnels. You can find funnels optimised for ecommerce, or brows by campaign types or format. Say you want to conduct a customer survey, you select the template “Customer Survey”, choose the campaign format, give it a name, and you’re taken to the funnel builder.

Funnel builder

you can then change the text and design of your form and add more sections. You can also add more funnel steps. Convertflow gives you a tonne of control which may be a bit daunting at the beginning. But if you’re coming from other website builders, the options and controls will look familiar.

Convertflow design and templates

Convertflow has a wide collection of templates to build your funnels. You can make them appear as popups, sticky bars, embeds, landing pages, surveys, quiz, form or site messages. They are all mobile-ready and look good on all kinds of screen sizes. They are also easily customised.

How to manage your ecommerce store in Convertflow?

Although Convertflow is optimised for lead generation and offers calls to action, it’s not built for you to sell directly. It’s meant to be used on something like Magento or WooCommerce.

Convertflow integrations

Convertflow boasts 2000+ integrations. It offers integrations to well-known and popular CMSs, SMS and email marketing providers, and analytics. It also integrates with Zapier and opens up more options.

Convertflow integrations

What marketing and SEO tools does Convertflow have?

Look at Convertflow more as a tool in your marketing toolbox that helps you generate leads. As such, it’s meant to work together with your existing website and CMS and not replace them.

AB testing

As for increasing your conversions, you can split test your campaigns. And not only that, you can personalise every single step in your funnel.


You do all the work to generate leads but you’re flying blind, if you don’t track how your funnels perform. Convertflow gives you a breakdown of how many people have viewed, converted and completed your campaigns over time. It shows you how many people have advanced from one step to the next in your funnels.

Payment options

As Convertflow says, it’s a funnel builder for your ecommerce. That is, it’s meant to work with your Squarespace, Bigcommerce and what not.

Convertflow customer support

Convertflow has placed a chat icon in the lower right on its website. You can contact the support team whether you’re logged into your account or haven’t signed up yet. The team usually replies within a reasonable timeframe with useful information. In addition to the chat, you can also search its knowledge base.

Convertflow pricing

If you don’t have many views per month or only need up to 5 landing pages, you get along fine with its free plan. You can always upgrade to one of its paid plans if you see you need more.

Convertflow prices are based on views

Is Convertflow the right tool for you?

Convertflow is interesting if you’ve already got a working website or are running an online store. It allows you to create engaging pop-ups, quizzes, surveys, and landing pages that in the end helps you increase your conversion. And you don’t need developers to create them and personalise your website.

It’s also a useful tool, regardless of whether you’re an SME or an agency to help you with brand promotion or product launches.

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