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Sunny Landing Pages review

Update 10 March 2024

It’s so sad to see that Sunny Landing Pages is no longer in business..

When you look at the journey a prospect takes until they convert into a paying customer, it has several stations. A prospect may come from social media onto a landing page, leave their email because they wish to know more, and after several mails and perhaps other touch points, they convert into a customer.

So, whenever you’re designing a campaign or even planning an entire customer experience, undoubtedly, there’s a landing page in one of the steps. A landing page is often used to get information from the visitor, sell goods and services, or simply just to provide your contact details. If you don’t have a developer or the time and skills needed, landing page builders are the way to go.

You can create mobile-ready and professional-looking landing pages with Sunny Landing Pages without a line of code. You can use it to plan your funnels.

Pros and cons of Sunny Landing Pages

Sunny Landing Pages subscription-based service. You can access it from anywhere in the world via your browser and create landing pages for your lead generation without IT skills. After you’ve launched your page, you can see its performance with its tracking and reporting.


  • No credit card required at signup
  • Intuitive so that there’s no learning curve
  • Free forever account
  • Fast loading speed
  • Is a fullstack marketing automation provider than “only” landing page builder; and all tools are easy to grasp and to use
  • Reasonable pricing


  • It doesn’t have split-testing

Who is Sunny Landing Pages for?

If you find you’re spending more and more time creating landing pages, Sunny Landing Pages can help you save time. It’s also a nifty tool to help you plan your campaigns and funnels. For one, it speeds up creating your landing pages and with its Funnel Map Builder, you can visually create your funnels.

Plan your funnels with help of the funnel map builder

If you’ve subscribed to its Ultimate plan, you also have access to its funnel pack templates, so that you can quickly launch your campaigns. The funnel pack templates include everything you need to create, launch, and track your campaigns. This includes email autoresponders. At the time of writing this review, the template is for creating a webinar funnel.

You don’t need to know web development, since you can create your pages with the drag-and-drop editor. Though it helps, as you can export the entire page and use it in your web development projects or other campaigns.

How easy is Sunny Landing Pages to use?

After your first login, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. You see at a glance, what you’ve created and how they performed. That is, you see how many visitors came to your pages and how many leads you got. Everything is well-laid with clear labels. Nothing is hidden behind endless submenus or cryptic icons.

The drag-and-drop editor has an undo and redo button. It even has a history so that you can revert to a previously saved version of your page if the undo button is not undoing enough of the new changes.

Create your landing page with the drag-and-drop editor – without a line of code

Once you’ve completed designing your page, you have the option of publishing it

  • As a subdomain on your domain
  • Use a WordPress or Magento page using their plugins
  • On a subdomain of Sunny Landing Page’s domain (your page will appear as
  • Export as HTML and host it yourself

If you publish your page with one of the first 3 options, it’s hosted by Sunny Landing Pages.

Sunny Landing Pages design and templates

To speed up the process of creating a landing page, you can use a pre-designed template of Sunny Landing Page. The design of the templates is optimised for conversion. Of course, a conversion also depends on your offer and copy. The templates are mobile-ready.

The templates are grouped by campaign type or by industry

How to manage your ecommerce store in Sunny Landing Pages?

Sunny Landing Pages focuses on business owners and marketers who want to create landing pages for their campaigns, be it to advertise their products or to generate leads. So, landing pages that sell a product isn’t within the scope.

Sunny Landing Pages integrations

The plugins with WordPress and Magento that integrate with said platforms were already mentioned. If you prefer not to work with the built-in email marketing tool, you can integrate it other email providers such as Aweber or Mailerlite. You can also integrate it with CRM providers like Hubspot.

The integration list is quite long (500+), but if you don’t find a service you need, you can integrate with Zapier.

What marketing and SEO tools does Sunny Landing Pages have?

Sunny Landing Pages knows how important analytics is. You need the numbers so that you can tweak and optimise your page along with your campaign. That’s why it provides its own reporting but you can also add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


You don’t only need landing pages when you run an ad campaign. In case your landing page is not short lived, you want to optimise it for search engines. It’s easy to add meta tags such as meta title, description, or keywords to each page.

Email marketing

Sunny Landing Pages comes with a built-in email marketing tool, but you need to sign up separately (although it’s included in all the plans). It’s a fully-fledged email marketing tool. And as you’d expect from an email marketing provider you can

  • Launch email campaigns
  • Segment your list for automated workflows and for personalised communication
  • Capture information from your visitors with landing pages and forms
  • Keep track of your campaigns

Intriguingly, the automations are really qualified to be called as such and aren’t just an autoresponder. You can create an automation with triggers, conditional steps, and delays with its visual editor.

The visual editor lets you create workflows with delays and conditional steps

Payment options

Since selling a product on a landing page is not within the scope of Sunny Landing Pages, so, accepting payment is also not supported.

Sunny Landing Pages security

Since it’s a hosted solution, Sunny Landing Pages takes care of security and maintenance. All pages created with Sunny Landing Pages, even on the free account are secured with SSL.

Sunny Landing Pages customer support

You get live chat and email support on all plans. If you need dedicated support, then opt for its highest plan Ultimate. The support team is competent and usually responds within hours.

Sunny Landing Pages pricing

Including the free plan, you have 4 options to choose from. As is often, the more features you need, the more you have to fork out. Even so, you get a ton of features at reasonable prices.

Head over to Sunny Landing pages to compare the feature list of all the plans

Is Sunny Landing Pages the right tool for you?

Sunny Landing Pages is more a fullstack marketing automation service than “just” a landing page builder. It’s well thought out and has an easy-to-grasp interface so that it’s a pleasure to use and can considerably speed up the process of creating a page.

It works well for results-driven entrepreneur and marketers and doesn’t have notable drawbacks if you can live without split-testing.

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