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Unstack review

Sometimes, it’s handy to have a tool that allows you to create all the landing pages and websites for the user journey you envision. Even better, if that tool has everything you need to capture leads and convert visitors. That’s what Unstack wants to help you with and be your go-to tool for all your sales and marketing needs. It wants to give you everything you need to track, test, and personalise your messaging so that you can start building a relationship with your audience.

Unstack is a 2-in-1 service. If you’re running a Shopify store, you can just hook it up with Unstack and start building landing pages for your campaigns. Don’t worry everyone else, you just need one click more.

As you’d expect from a no-code website builder, Unstack comes with a drag-and-drop interface. It also has forms so that you can collect email addresses and a library of extensions.

Unstack is a newcomer in the website building space. It was launched in 2020 by Grant Deken and Steve Moseley. Since then over 500 Shopify Merchants are using it.

Pros and cons of Unstack

With Unstack, you can build landing pages, websites, and blog content without the need to code. As a cloud-based service, you only need an internet connection and don’t have to install the software or worry about maintenance and security. Its content management system (CMS) allows you to work with your team mates. It sees itself as a fullstack marketing platform, especially for Shopify merchants but in truth, it’s deeply integrated with Klaviyo. Even if your website is not powered by Shopify, you can still use it.


  • Easy to use and super quick to drop in content blocks so that you create your pages in a jiffy
  • Unstack scans your website and automatically matches your branding as well as any integrations you already have
  • Adding a custom domain is included in the free plan


  • You only get SSL when you subscribe to a paid plan

Who is Unstack for?

If you’re looking to streamline your work and build fast-loading sites and landing pages, take a look at Unstack. You’ll also get a suite of tools to help you build better experiences for your visitors, convert your leads, and maximise sales.

Regardless of your role, be it startup founder, entrepreneur, marketer, consultant, or content creator, if you want to build better and more personalised experiences as well as maximise your return on marketing, you may find Unstack handy.

How easy is Unstack to use?

When you create your account to take Unstack for a spin, the first thing you do is to choose your theme for your website. Each theme has its set of templates that you customise.

Go through the quickstart steps to set up your account

The cool thing about Unstack is that it can detect your branding (colours, fonts, etc) regardless if you’ve connected your Shopify store or like me just entered your work email.

To add more content, head to the tab Content in the left menu. You can add more pages to your site, create new landing pages and forms, or manage your blog and media.

The drag and drop content blocks to your page

The user interface is self-explanatory. It’s well organised and clean. You find what you need without unnecessary clicks and head scratching.

Unstack design and templates

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can adjust your branding in the Design tab. It’s good to see that you can define your style guide. That means you define what colours, fonts, etc you’re using and it applies the setting globally.

When you add new pages, you can start from scratch or go with one of the pre-built page templates

How to manage your ecommerce store in Unstack?

If you want to run an online store, Unstack is not the right tool for it. Since Unstack hooks up with Shopify, you can use Unstack for landing pages or a CMS for your blog and use Shopify to manage your online store.

Unstack integrations

The integrations can be grouped into analytics, storefronts, forms & email, libraries, and chat. If you know Javascript, you can inject code into your page headers and body.

Use the integrations to connect Unstack with your existing tools

Again, it’s cool that when you create an account with your work email, Unstack automatically scans your website and adds what tracking and integrations you already got.

What marketing and SEO tools does Unstack have?

You can use Unstack as a control centre for your marketing and sales efforts. Not only does it integrate with the popular and common tools such as Google Analytics or Hubspot, but it also has tools to help you get insights and optimise your pages.


All pages (also for the blog posts) are optimised for search engines in that they load very fast, have SSL, and you can add page title, canonical URL, meta keywords and meta description. If you want more options, you need to connect your account with a custom domain (included in the free plan).


You can find the blogging tool under the tab Content. It’s easy to manage a blog. It’s good to see that you can schedule your blog posts.

Payment options

For a full-fledged store option, hook up Unstack with Shopify. If you simply want to be able to accept payments, you can also integrate it with Stripe sync (you need a paying account).

Unstack security

If you want your pages to have an SSL certificate, you need to subscribe to a paying account.

Unstack customer support

Depending on your account, you’ll be able to connect with the support team via email and chat (Full) or only via email. Everyone can use Unstack’s searchable knowledge base and its slack community.

Unstack pricing

Make use of Unstack’s 15 days free trial period and test out all of its features. If you use its free plan, you’ll be severely hampered as you don’t get SSL nor any of the useful features such as blog or forms.

The free plan only allows 1000 all-time visitors

If you only use Unstack as a landing page builder, it will not weigh heavily on your pockets unlike the often cited landing page builder such as Unbounce or Leadpages.

Is Unstack the right tool for you?

If you know you’re going to launch many campaigns and hence need a lot of landing pages, Unstack will serve you well, especially since you can also build your website with it and so have it all under one roof.

It’s easy to use and also comes with all modcons – if you’re subscribed to a paid account. The Lite plan might be enough if you’re going solo but if you’re working in a team you can use it for up to 5 members if you subscribe to its Full plan.

Unstack is probably most helpful if you’re already a Shopify merchant and want a tool to help you build landing pages for different customer journeys and campaigns.

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