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Webador review – easy and affordable website builder

Webador is the international brand of JouwWeb, a Dutch service that lets you build websites and online stores. In the Netherlands, JouwWeb is so popular that it decided in 2018 to launch its international brand squarely aimed at the English and German speaking parts of Europe.

The mission of Webador is to make it so that everyone can build professional-looking websites that they can be proud of. This means it’s an all-in-one solution that offers domain registration, hosting, website building, CMS including a shopping cart. And, you don’t need design or coding skills. Hence, it’s made mainly for novices and business owners who want a quick and hassle-free way to build and launch their website.

Pros and cons of Webador

Webador is a simple and free-to-use website builder. You get a free Webador domain, modern and mobile-ready templates, hosting, and a shopping cart.


  • Forever free plan
  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly
  • All the essential tools for running an online store is included
  • You can password protect specific pages


  • Limited integration
  • Not for larger projects

Who is Webador for?

Following Webador’s mission, it has made a user-friendly website builder for business owners who want to have an online presence but not loose their hair by building a complex website. For example, you could be an artisanal small business or medical practice and you don’t want to deal with the tech, you can create your website with little time.

For some, it’s also a good place to get their first online presence, since you don’t need any knowledge in design or web development.

If you’ve subscribed to a paid account, you can invite team members and work together on a project. Say, one of you is responsible for the copy and the other for the images and artwork, you can both collaborate.

How easy is Webador to use?

Following industry standards, the first thing you do after signing up is to choose your template. To add content to your site and customise your template to your needs, you use a simple drag-and-drop editor.

The drag-and-drop editor has the side menu containing the elements you can add to your pages such as title, text, or image. In the main window, you see your website and any changes you make in real-time. You can customise the logo, colours, images, and almost everything else.

Grab any element on the page and drag it to where you want

Add the elements you want from the side by dragging them to your page. You can switch to adding or managing your pages, to the design, and to general settings via the top navigation. Switching to store management is also done via the top navigation.

All in all, the signup process as well as the interface is well designed and straightforward. The interface is uncluttered and intuitive so that you find your way within minutes.

Design and themes

You get to choose from around 50 templates depending on your business type and your personal style. They’re modern and mobile-ready, as you’d expect from a website builder nowadays.

Mobile-ready templates

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Webador?

The shopping cart engine is included in all plans, that is, you see how your project looks like with a web shop. But if you want to start selling and receiving orders, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.

You access the backend of your online store via the top navigation. There, you manage your products and orders. Webador gives you all the essential tools to do the daily tasks for managing a store. You also can set coupons and discount rates for your products.


If you don’t count the payment gateways and Google Analytics, then Webador doesn’t have any integrations. That doesn’t mean you can’t extend your website. Since you can add custom code to your site, you as long as the service in question provides embeddable code.

What marketing tools does Webador provide?

Webador comes with integrated reporting so that you see how many visitors have come to your site. If that’s not quite your cup of tea, you can also link your site to your Google Analytics account.


When you add a new page, you also define the meta title and meta description.

You see how your meta tags will look like on the search engine results page


To add a blog to your site, you drag the element from the left sidebar onto your page. Strangely enough, you then don’t access the blog via the top navigation (like the web store) but directly on the page where your blog is.

Even though the blogging tools are quite basic, you still get to schedule your post, allow comments, and set a meta title.

Payment options

The usual payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe are available. You can also accept transfers in advance, and payment by invoice, on pickup, or on delivery. Even with its very reasonable pricing, Webador doesn’t add a transaction fee.


All projects hosted on Webador are secured with an SSL certificate.

Customer support

While working on your site and you find yourself scratching your head, there’s a help button in the top navigation. Clicking on it brings you to the searchable help centre. Should you not find the answer, you can contact the support team via its chatbox.


Webador has affordable prices. Its prices are in the ballpark of services such as Boxmode and Ukit. You can save 20% if you pay yearly.

At the time of this review, Webador was running a promotion

Is Webador the right solution for you?

Webador was designed from the ground up to be user-friendly. Sure, it may have fewer templates than Wix, but they’re all modern and beautiful. And you can get a website up and running very fast without easy-peasy. This makes it a good tool if you’re a small enterprise and don’t want to grapple with the technology. But this also means it’s not suitable to build a complex website.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share this review with someone who may find it useful.

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