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Landingi review -zero code landing page builder

No matter what your goal is, be it increase the number of subscribers, offer a discount, or getting a call, you’ll want a landing page, where you drive the traffic to. Even better, if you can max the Return On Investment (ROI) with an attractive and converting landing page as the starting point of the user journey you’ve planned.

This is exactly where Landingi has positioned itself: It offers a drag-and-drop landing page editor so that you can create and launch landing pages without a developer or coding yourself.

Since its launch in 2013 as a landing page builder, it has steadily added more and more features so that at the time of writing this review, Landingi is more a funnel builder. Now it serves its companies in over 80 countries. It has a head office in Gliwice, Poland, and a second head office in Dallas, US.

Pros and cons of Landingi

As a cloud-based service, you access Langingi via your browser and pay a monthly subscription fee. At its core is the landing page builder, but you can also build popups and sales funnels.


  • Easy to use
  • Well-thought-out and powerful editor
  • You can add custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript code
  • A wide range of modern, mobile-ready templates
  • Landing pages and popup forms come with their respective landing pages
  • You have full control over how the landing page and forms will look on different device sizes


  • No forever free plan
  • You can try for free with the 14-day trial period, but you need to hand over your credit card details
  • Expensive

Who is Landingi for?

One of the most important aspects of marketing is lead generation. As long as you’re responsible for marketing, no matter if you’re a marketer, agency, online merchant, or independent entrepreneur, lead generation will always be a central task. Whether you’re concentrating your efforts on PPC or social media, you’ll want a killer landing page to capture the leads.

If your priority is to build landing pages for your campaigns and you want to do it fast, you could make use of Langingi.

How easy is Landingi to use?

Creating a landing page is an easy 4 step process. It starts with choosing the template. OK, ok, it might not be so easy, since Langingi has more than 400+ templates in its gallery, so it might take some time to choose.

Your second step is to add your own message, layout, and styling to the template with its drag-and-drop editor. You see in real-time how your page looks like. Even though the editor is uncluttered, it’s powerful and not restricting. It even lets you add custom CSS.

In your third step, you customise the thank you page that Landingi has automatically created when you picked your template. By now, you should be familiar with the editor.

Pleasingly simple yet powerful editor

The fourth and last step is to publish your page. All you need to do is click the Publish button and voila, your page is live. Of course, you can use a custom domain. You can also

  • Publish on WordPress
  • Publish on Shopify
  • Embed on a server

In general, the interface is well-structured, self-explanatory, and nothing is hidden behind cryptic icons. This means when you’re building a landing page, a popup, or a lightbox you’ll be using the delightfully simple yet powerful editor. The landing page and the popup come with their respective thank you pages.

Design and templates

All of the over 400 templates are mobile-ready so that your landing page or popup looks good on a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Attractive, modern templates

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Landingi?

Landingi can’t be compared to fully-fledged ecommerce solutions like Squarespace. Still, if Squarespace is a store with a store front and inventory, you can liken Landingi to a stall selling a few products. You can add products to your pages and accept payments.

At its core, Landingi is a tool to generate and manage leads, so you can compare it with a complete ecommerce solution.


You can connect your account with the leading CRM and email providers. Other third-party providers include chat, tracking and analytics. If you can’t find an integration, you can make use of the jack of all trades Zapier or build your own with webhooks.

What marketing tools does Landingi provide?

A landing page is an integral part of any campaign, even with organic traffic. To garner organic traffic, you’ll want to optimise your page for search engines. Analytics is always important, regardless of how you drive traffic since you want to improve and optimise your page.


You can add a meta title, meta description, and keywords to all your landing pages regardless of the plan you subscribe to.

Tracking, testing, and reporting

In digital marketing, you never know what headline or any other element is drawing the people in. That’s why you’re constantly optimising and testing. You can easily split test your landing pages.

Each page, popup, and lightbox has its own dashboard where you see its performance. Connect your account to your analytics and tracking tool of your choice to get more in-depth reporting.

Dashboard with reporting

Payment options

You can add a Paypal, Stripe, or PayU button on any landing page that also sells a product or service. Then connect your account to these payment gateways. Landingi doesn’t levy a transaction fee.


All pages created with Landingi are secured with SSL and GDPR compliant.

Customer support

All subscription plans include customer support by phone, chat, and email. If you find you got a question outside business hours, the self-help resources include a searchable knowledge base.


Landingi’s pricing structure includes 3 subscription plans. You can choose to pay monthly, every 3 or 6 months, or annually. When you choose to pay every 6 or 12 months, you can make a saving compared to the other payment frequencies.

Check the features of the plans

Is Landingi the right solution for you?

Should you be constantly creating landing pages, popups, or lightboxes for your marketing, you’ll find Landingi is delightfully easy to use and you can create them quickly and hassle-free. Moreover, it doesn’t come with significant weak points apart from the sign up process that needs your credit card.

So this means, to really get the most bang for your buck, you need to really launch many campaigns with their respective landing pages. Otherwise, the service may be a tad expensive.

If you feel you want help in creating and improving your funnels, feel free to reach out

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