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If you’re a creative professional, most probably you want to let the world know about your work and yourself. You want to showcase your creativity to get the job or project you dream of. But do you want to rely solely on social media? When the social media platform makes a change, it might mean people won’t see your work anymore. A solution could be to launch your own site. is a portfolio website builder that allows you to create your site within just 5 minutes. This is made possible because you’ll be building one-page websites and start with templates that you can easily customise. Moreover, to speed up the creation process, building your site is done with blocks.

Started in summer 2020 by Carmen Jimenez, Daniel Hernandes, and Aniceto Buendia, was created to scratch an itch of the founders. They’re a copywriter, web developer, and web designer who found that existing website builders aren’t up to scratch: They were slow to load or the end result looked all cookie-cutter.

Pros and cons of is an online service made specifically for creatives to launch their portfolio sites. It’s a hosted solution so that the techy stuff such as updates are taken care of for you. As you’d expect from a website builder, it comes with templates and with the help of its editor, you customise the design.


  • Forever free plan
  • Fair pricing
  • You can use SVG files
  • Easy to use


  • You can’t connect with a custom domain, it will be possible, once the Pro plan is switched on

Who is for?

If you’re a creative, no matter if you’re a copywriter, designer, programmer, scientist, or consultant, you need to showcase your work to get the next project, assignment, or job. Before portfolio builders were a thing, you’d sent a CV or your portfolio or you’d give your social media profile page.

With, you create your portfolio without writing a line of code and share it with your customers or anyone interested in working with you.

How easy is to use?

It’s always good to see services that allow you to sign up without having your credit card at hand.

After your first login, you’re given an onboarding tour

The portfolio site you’ll be building is going to be a one-page website. You build your portfolio by adding blocks and then change the colour and font. It’s so simple that you really can get your site up in less than 5 minutes.

Build one page website with the easy to use editor

The interface is just as simple. There’s nothing really nothing to say other than that it’s clear and there’s nothing hidden or confusing.

Design and templates is preparing more templates but at the time of writing, you’ll start with just its default template.

The templates are mobile-ready and minimalistic

When you build out your page, you’ll be using’s blocks. There are blocks for you to show your projects, or add a download button.

Pre-built blocks to speed up the creation process

What marketing tools does provide?

The task of websites built-in on is to showcase your work. This means it’s one of the tools in your marketing tool box. But it also means is not built for you to write and publish a blog. Also out of scope is to collect email addresses.


Your site on has the pattern or if you upgrade to a paid account, you can choose how it looks like for example Seeing that all websites created with and hosted on have are running on the same domain means they’re all encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Customer support

At the time of writing, the team of collects feedback and anything issue related to using the service. You can also mail the team and give your feedback or ask a question. Probably the easiest way to find an answer is to head to its knowledge base.

Pricing is planning a third plan besides the free and first paid plan. If you want to choose how your url looks like or need more building blocks for your one-pager, you need to sign up to the paid plan First Job.

The paid plan unlocks more features and removes the branding

Is the right solution for you?

If you’re looking to get the project or job you yearn for, sending a CV might not cut it. Instead, an online site could showcase your skills more aptly.

Started only in 2020, is quite a young service. Don’t be surprised if you see features, pricing plans, or templates that are not available but labelled with “coming soon”. If you can live with that and appreciate that you can have direct contact with the team, is attractive.

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