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Mixo review

AI (artificial intelligence) is used in many fields. You find it in the camera app on your phone. It’s used for detecting irregularities in accounting, and it can also help speed up website creation. Even if it sounds too good to be true, publishing a website without writing a single line of code with the help of AI, it’s nothing new.

Website builder with AI could mean you can work smarter – not harder. It can mean that it’ll build your website from the ground up. It could mean that you get a beautiful, fully functional website with very little input from your side.

The usual breed of website builders combined with AI will ask you a series of questions. It’ll feel a bit like a multiple-choice exam. Through the answers that you give, it will generate a website and lets you add your specific content.

Mixo goes above and beyond that. You don’t even need to know the name of your company/service/product yet. Just enter the description of your idea in the prompt and Mixo does everything for you.

Mixo was founded in 2022 by Adam Arbolino and has its headquarters in Sidney, Australia

Pros and cons of Mixo

Broadly speaking, it’s the rule rather than the exception to use a website builder tool. It greatly speeds up the process until you can launch your website. Mixo cuts down the steps even more. You get an input field in which you enter the description of what your product or service does and it will create a fully functional website.

There’s a catch though: the sites Mixo creates aren’t entire websites but “just” fully functional landing pages including a form to capture the contact details of your visitors.

Mixo is a cloud-based website builder that makes creating a landing page a matter of minutes.

Cloud-based providers mean that the tool is a hosted solution and you don’t need to take care of installing or updating software.


  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • Very fast in every sense: fast to create your website and fast in loading
  • Easy to use
  • Can generate in any language


  • If it counts as a disadvantage, Mixo is still a new service – meaning that it may be buggy or lacking features you may want

Who is Mixo for?

Mixo is such a nifty tool when you want to find out if people are interested in what you have to offer or your new idea. Instead of starting with actually spending time and money in building it or putting it off, go ahead and create an account.

No need to find a name and a responding domain. Just tell Mixo what your offer is, that is what your product or service will do and it does all the work for you.

After a minute or even less, you can go ahead and buy search engine ads, share the landing page on your social media account, or use another method to drive traffic to your site. When you see that people sign up for your waiting list, you’ve validated your idea and there’s demand.

How easy is Mixo to use?

You can play around without even creating an account. Just click on the button “Get Started for Free”. It’ll take you to the prompt where you can enter the description of your idea.

Describe the service or product you want to validate

Once you hit the “Generate Site” button, Mixo goes through the process of creating your one-page website including

  • your startup name
  • design a logo
  • find or create images
  • drafts testimonials
  • writes the copy
  • generating the code

After going creating your landing page, you can see your site. It has picked a name – in my case, it AIQ. It has created the entire site including the tagline, logo, design, and signup form.

You can save and customise the generated site

If you want to save or customise your site, you need to create your account. Don’t worry about the subscription yet, just scroll past the price table and click on the link to continue with the free plan.

The click on “continue with just the free plan” brings you to the editor. You can easily change and tweak the element of your page. If you change the primary or secondary colours, it will apply it the entire page. Once you’re done, go ahead and publish your site.

The published website comes with functioning a signup form

Mixo is so easy to use. Everybody can type and enter the description of their idea. Further, the editor lets you effortlessly and painlessly customise your one-pager.

Mixo design

The design and all elements of your site were created with the help of Mix’s AI. There are no templates to worry about.

Mixo integrations

If you want to add Google Analytics, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

What marketing and SEO tools does Mixo have?

Since you’ll be using your site as a landing page to validate your idea, it’d make sense to keep track of its performance. You’ll want to keep an eye on which traffic source is working or worth buying ads from. Therefore, you’ll want to connect it to your Google Analytics. And for that, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Your site comes with a form so that people can sign up for a waiting list. You’ll see your subscribers on the dashboard.

If you want to download your subscribers, you need to subscribe

Mixo security

All sites created and hosted on Mixo are secured with an SSL certificate.

Mixo customer support

Whenever you use the Mixo website – whether you’re logged into your account or not – you can contact the Mixo team via chat. The team usually replies in under 3 hours. There’s also a Discord Server where you can ask the community for advise.

Mixo pricing

Mixo doesn’t have hidden fees. Its pricing is fair and transparent. You can see first what Mixo does with your description and when you like it, sign up for a free trial of 30 days.

Mixo prices

Is Mixo the right tool for you?

Now there’s no excuse to not go out and try out new ideas. It’s a thing of the past when it’s overwhelming to start a business. Gone are the times when you needed a team of developers and marketers. The developers to create your site and product, and the marketers to see if there’s demand.

With Mixo, you can see if an idea has potential – just tell it what your product does and Mixo will create a page for you. You can then share it on your social media accounts or if you got some budget buy some ads.

You can also use Mixo in your marketing mix as one of the steps in the customer journey.

If you need a website with several pages or just more options, you’ll need to look elsewhere. To find out what kind of tool you need hop over to How to choose the optimal website builder for your business.

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