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Linktree review

No matter if you’re a household brand and present on many if not all social media or just generally active on social media, probably you’re watching your collection of account handles, websites, and other links grow almost every week it seems.

To make matters worse, not all social media platforms give you the opportunity to display multiple links in your bio. And should they do allow to show more than one link, it can still be bothersome to manage and keep them all up to date.

Also, if you like a clean design, your bio can look quite cluttered and messy with numerous links. That’s probably why Instagram only allows 1 link in your profile.

With Linktree, you can create a landing page with links to all your social media profiles, online stores, and websites. It’s not a social network in its own right but you can use it to create a page with your own branding and show links with descriptive text.

Linktree was launched in 2016 and is probably the most used on Instagram. It helps you simplify the process of sharing your portfolio, T-shirt merch shop, Patreon, and more.

Pros and cons of Linktree

You can view Linktree as something like the central repository of all your social media profiles, merch shops, and other links. You then just use one link on all your sites. In short, having a website showing all your activities is a central piece in your marketing.

With Linktree, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of building a website, taking care of hosting, security, and whatnot. It’s a subscription-based service with a free tier so that you create a landing page for free and if you need additional features, subscribe to the paid plan.


  • Forever free plan
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive upgrade if you need customisation features
  • The free plan comes with Linktree branding and limited analytics
  • Bio is limited to only 80 characters
  • You can’t use a custom domain

Who is Linktree for?

If you’ve found yourself stumped when trying to share links on social media, Linktree helps you solve this bother. It’s specially built for influencers, bloggers, and businesses that have multiple web presences and what to share them with their audience.

When you sign up, Linktree asks you a few questions

People from all walks of life find Linktree useful. You can find fitness trainers to farmers and authors displaying a link tree link in their social media profiles. You’ll also see that it’s not limited to just one industry when you go through the signup process.

Linktree is also often used in NFC business cards.

How easy is Linktree to use?

You can get a landing page up in a jiffy. That’s because it was designed for just one purpose only. It’s evident from the get-go where and how to add the links, and you’ll see in the mobile mockup how it looks.

It’s abundantly evident where to click and how to add links

You can also add a profile picture but you’ll need a paid account to customise them, buttons, and fonts. Don’t worry, you can get quite far just with the free plan. You get all the basic functionality you need for your information hub.

Mind, there’s no separate step to publish your page. Everything you do is updated and published in real time.

Design and templates

The design is clean and concentrates and shows your information. You can browse the templates by industry

Templates categories


You can find plugins to share your content, accept payments, and more in Linktree’s searchable marketplace.

Linktree integrations

You can also join its developer programme and make use of its APIs and SDKs should you not find what you need in the marketplace.

Accept payment

Linktree has added new monetising options in 2023 to help you monetise your skills. With the new features, you can add a “Buy Me a Gift” button. This button allows your audience to show their appreciation by choosing an emoji gift option.

Linktree has partnered with SendOwl so that you sell digital goods. You still need a SendOwl account.

The partnership with Bonfires makes easier for you to sell merch. You can add a Bonfire storefront to your Linktree.


All Linktree pages are accessible under the Linktree domain. Linktree has secured its domain with SSL.

Customer support

You can contact Linktree anytime when you’re logged into your account. You’ll find the chat icon in the lower-right hand corner. Linktree typically answers within a day.


When you sign up, you can opt to try out the Pro plan for free for 7 days, albeit you’d need your credit card ready.

Linktree prices

As is with the freemium model, the free plan is quite limited and the more features you want to more expensive it gets.

Is Linktree the right solution for you?

If you don’t want to build your own website, Linktree is a good tool to have in your marketing toolbox. But if you take marketing seriously, you know that social media is great to support your marketing.

But it adds another step to your user’s journey. In addition, your user may find it confusing to end on a page with a bunch of links from which they have to choose to get the right thing.

You also have to consider your branding. If you use the free version or the Starter plan, you can’t hide Linktree’s logo. Branding is key in reinforcing your and your business’ values. Having an easily recognisable brand is important for you and your business. And it helps build a relationship with your audience.

If you like the idea of Linktree, why not use create your own link page on your website? If you should not have a website yet, you could also use a landing page builder to create your information hub. If you’re a creative professional, a portfolio builder may be the way to go. Feel free to drop me a line if you need advise.

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