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Landerlab review

Once upon a time, only people with web development and design skill could build attractive and capturing landing pages. Luckily these times are long gone. Landing page builders and form creation tools have made life a lot easier for marketers. No matter what your goals are, you get to launch your campaigns much faster. Even better if your landing pages are capturing and can max your return on marketing spend.

Landerlab is a landing page creator coming with a drag-and-drop editor so that you don’t need any tech or design skills. If you have coding or design skills even better, you get more options.

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can use Landerlab to build a landing page from scratch. To get things done faster, you can also start by choosing a template and then add your content. Or, you can use its importing tool if you work with graphics software.

Landerlab was founded by Krishna Shastry in 2018. Its headquarters are in San Francisco Bay Area, US.

Pros and cons of Landerlab

Landerlab is a cloud-based landing page creator. It promises to let you create capturing landing pages without the need of knowing HTML, CSS, or Javascript. You can connect your landing pages with your own domain. It comes with a gallery of over 100 templates and a drag-and-drop editor to customise them.


  • Powerful editor that gives you a high degree of freedom
  • Custom code can extend the features


  • No forever free plan
  • The trial period of 7 days is short
  • When you sign up you immediately need to hand over your credit card details
  • It has a learning curve if you start from the basics or if it’s your first landing page tool
  • You need to register with Cloudflare, otherwise you can’t manage your domains, subdomains, and SSL certificates
  • Some tasks need more clicks than in other tools
  • You only get customer support in the form of its help centre

Who is Landerlab for?

If you’re responsible for marketing, one of your tasks is lead generation. It doesn’t matter if you’re running paid campaigns or concentrating on social media, in any case, you want attractive landing pages that convert the visitors.

In other words, if you are an in-house marketer, marketing consultant, entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, or running a marketing agency, you want a tool that helps you quickly create attractive landing pages.

How easy is Landerlab to use?

The signup process is quite painless without endless questions, but you have to have your credit card details at hand. You get a separate account page that gives you all the information about your account and a link to Landerlab itself.

You get 4 options to create a new landing page

  • Upload from zip if you already have created a page with another tool or you got the source code files
  • Create one with the help of a predesigned template
  • Start with a blank page
  • Import from URL (you can be sneaky and spy on your competitors, although this is only available on the Master plan)

Once you know which way to go, Landerlab you connect it to your domain and tracker (for affiliate marketing) and complete all the setup options. This might take a bit of getting used to as it’s a bit different from other builders.

Once you have completed the setup stuff, you have to navigate to the Landing Pages tab in the left side menu and open the drag-and-drop editor.

Drag-and-drop editor

The drag-and-drop editor is powerful and gives you a high degree of freedom. This has its ups and downs: Even though you can drag-and-drop the elements on your page, it helps if you’re familiar with the basics of web design.

To publish a page, you need to connect it to your domain and signup to a Cloudflare account. There are no autogenerated links that you can use.

Design and templates

The over 100 templates in the gallery can be sorted by category. All the templates are mobile-ready and fast-loading.

The templates gallery can be filtered by category

When you look at the available categories (Dating, Get Rich, etc), Landerlab gives the impression that it’s geared towards affiliate marketers. Also, at least in my eyes, they look quite similar.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Landerlab?

Landerlab can’t be compared to an all-purpose website builder like Wix, since it wants to possible to create landing pages without much hassle. Still, as you can add custom code, you can add a shopping cart solution to your page with Ecwid or Cartloom.


The two categories that integrations fall into are for tracking or for lead management.

Avalaible integrations

What marketing tools does Landerlab provide?

To help with your lead generation, Landerlab also helps you create forms and popups. Both come with a drag-and-drop editor that behaves similar to the landing page builder. Unlike other landing page tools, both don’t have a templates gallery.

Tracking, testing, and reporting

You see the visits, clicks, and clickthrough rates of all your landing pages when you navigate to the Landing Pages tab. Other than that, Landerlab doesn’t have any analyses or stats so you need to connect your account with a tracking service.

Payment options

Running an online store is out of scope, but if you use an embedded solution, a payment method is provided.


All pages created with Landerlab are secured with SSL. You can clone or export a page to have a backup.

Customer support

Customer support consists of Landerlab’s searchable knowledge base.


As it often is with cloud-based services, the higher plans unlock more features. If you only look at its pricing, Landerlab is neither expensive nor budget-friendly compared to other players in this space. Of course, you can’t compare the providers 1 to 1 since they have a different feature sets. Nonetheless, it appears a bit slim compared with others.

Landerlabs offers 3 plans

Is Landerlab the right solution for you?

The first thing to say is: If you need customer support via phone, chat, email, or ticket system, Landerlab is not for you. It only has a searchable help centre (at the time of writing).

Now, if you like to have a tool that lets you import from URL (may from one of your competitors?), then Landerlab is an attractive proposition. Although you need to have deeper pockets since this feature is only available on its highest plan (Master).

If you’re a novice in marketing, it comes with a learning curve and is quite expensive.

Lastly, as you may have gleaned from the templates and the tracking integrations, Landerlab seems to lean quite a bit towards affiliate marketers.

If you like a free landing page builder, you can take a look at Quickpages, or if you need something that can do heavy lifting, Sunny Landing Pages may do the trick.

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