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10Web AI Website Builder review

Creating websites is no longer limited to web developers. These days, anyone can build websites from scratch including all the content with the help of AI. It makes the process easier and less time-consuming, even if you’re skilled in web development.

When you use an AI powered website builder, most of the time, you need to answer a few questions and the tool will create not only the layout but also the content and images tailored for your business.

That’s exactly what 10Web AI Website Builder does. It uses to help you create websites quickly and easily. It also comes with a drag-and-drop editor for you to customise the generated site.

And then it does some more: It also helps you migrate your site to WordPress in just a few minutes. 10Web AI Website Builder is part of what 10Web calls all-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites. It offers fully automated hosting for WordPress, an AI content assistant to help you write your copy, and helps you optimise your speed to get a high PageSpeed score (good for your SEO).

Pros and cons of 10Web AI Website Builder

10Web AI Website Builder is part of the offering of 10Web. It’s a website builder powered by AI. It asks you the name and industry of your business and a few more questions. The more detailed your answer, the better the content it can generate. If you use 10Web AI Website Builder, hosting and page speed optimisation are included.

10Web AI Website Builder is a bit different from other AI powered website builders in that you’ll be working with WordPress and the Elementor website builder plugin. With this setup, you still work with a drag-and-drop builder just like any other website builder and have the added bonus of working with WordPress.


  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Easy migration from any other website
  • 24/7 chat and email support


  • It can take a bit until the plugin Elementor loads so that you can start working in the drag-and-drop editor
  • Limited customisation options for design
  • Some features require additional payment

Who is 10Web AI Website Builder for?

In general, if you want to create a website quickly and without coding, 10Web AI Website Builder can help you do it. In other words, it works well if you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer, or blogger.

If you take a look at its plans and prices, you’ll see that it also works well for agencies – there’s a plan called Agency.

10Web AI Website Builder is a if you want to take your website on Wix, Zyro, Squarespace, or any other website builder to WordPress.

How easy is 10Web AI Website Builder to use?

If you start a website from scratch, you’ll need to answer 7 questions and based on your answers, 10Web AI Website Builder generates the content, the layout, and images.

Before you start customising, choose the font and primary site of your website

You’ll be working with the plugin Elemtor. This plugin is the drag-and-drop editor that lets you create and customise your website.

With Elementor, you get a visual drag-and-drop editor

If you know WordPress, you’ll feel at home at once. You can add themes and plugins just like with other WordPress sites.

10Web AI Website Builder is just like any other WordPress site

10Web AI Website Builder design and themes

Once 10Web AI Website Builder has generated all the content, you can always change themes just like any other WordPress site. Please note that you may break the design when you change the theme.

10Web AI Website Builder’s integrations

Since 10Web AI Website Builder is just like any other WordPress hoster, you also get the full WordPress eco system.

Beside WordPress plugins, you have access to 10Web premium plugins

Since you have access to WordPress eco system you can install Woocommerce or any other e-commerce plugin.

What are 10Web AI Website Builder’s marketing and SEO tools?

If you want to optimise your site for search engines, you get all the tools you need in the tab “SEO” in the lefthand sidebar. Obviously, as a WordPress site, you also have the blogging tool.

Payment options

To receive payments, you first need to install 10Web AI Website Builder Form Maker plugin. This has a built-in Paypal integration. For Stripe, you first need to enable it in your settings.

10Web AI Website Builder security

It should be standard nowadays that all website builder secure sites with an SSL certificate. 10Web AI Website Builder does that and offers two factor authentication (2FA) for you to securely log into the service. It’s also exemplary in that you can schedule backups.

10Web AI Website Builder customer support

All plans have access to 24/7 chat and email support. If you want to be able to contact support via Slack, you need to subscribe to the Agency plan.

10Web AI Website Builder pricing

You can try 10Web AI Website Builder for free for 7 days. Unfortunately, if you want to try it with the Elementor plugin that makes it so that 10Web AI Website Builder has a visual editor, you need to enter your credit card, even if it’s just for the 7 days trial period.

The more sites you want to build, the higher the plan

With the Agency plan, you get to build 10 websites and can white label them. If you need more hosting for more sites, you have to contact 10Web AI Website Builder.

Is 10Web AI Website Builder the right website builder for you?

10Web AI Website Builder may not be as convenient as Durable or Mixo, but you can build multi-page WordPress websites.

10Web AI Website Builder is a great tool when you want to migrate from any website hosting provider or website builder. It’s also great for new users or when you like a site (something that’s similar to what you want to offer or you just like the design). The AI will take that website as a reference and rebuild it in WordPress.

All you have to do is paste the URL. Needless to say, there may be the one or other not so perfect elements such as when the formatting is not quite there. But it’ll save you a lot of time.

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