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Zyro review: Lean and innovative website builder for SMEs

It’s no longer imaginable that a business, for that matter anyone and any business, doesn’t have an online presence, and that’s why many website builders are appearing. Only in January 2020, Zyro was launched.

Zyro, the new kid on the block, provides many indispensable features for setting up and running an online business, and all conveniently from a single source. You can quickly create and launch a website without much fuss and with no web design skills. As for growing your business, it also has you covered with its marketing tools.

Since its focus is on solopreneurs, small businesses, and local stores, it aims to be as simple as possible. It, therefore, includes 2 unique tools to help you build your website: The AI Writer swiftly writes texts for your website, and the AI Heatmap tool predicts which parts of your page a visitor will pay attention to, even before they visit.

Pros and cons of Zyro

Zyro’s all-in-one solution, so you have hosting, domains, a content management system, and a visual editor conveniently in one place. But with all its convenience your control is limited.


  • Really easy to use
  • Fast, competent, and friendly customer support that goes beyond expectations
  • Library with over a million license-free images
  • Fair pricing
  • Great AI tools


  • You can’t switch your template later on if you want to redesign your website
  • Not many integrations
  • No free forever plan
  • Not for larger projects

Who is Zyro for?

Traditionally, building a website needs planning, time, web design skills, and money – even with some website builder solutions. But now, if you’re looking to launch a lightweight personal or business site quickly and hassle-free, particularly if you want to launch as fast as possible, look into Zyro. If you value simplicity and thus want to have support in writing your text or in designing the layout, you’d be happy to know that Zyro machine learning tools will help you with these tasks.

Zyro was designed and built for the not-so-technically-inclined as well as the newbies in mind. Compared to other players in the website building market, Zyro may look like it’s missing some features. But is not without reason.

Since Zyro is all about simplicity and being an effective website builder for people starting out, these aren’t features likely to be on the must-have list for the basic user. The result is a very clean, concise, and easy to use interface. But you still get advanced features like ecommerce.

How easy is Zyro to use?

Getting started is straightforward and a matter of 1-2-3: The first click on XX shows you the template library, where you select a design you like with the second click, and the third click is when you choose a subscription plan.

Getting used to the drag-and-drop editor is a matter of a few minutes for anyone and it doesn’t take much to get the hang of how to most effectively use the interface. There was never a moment when we didn’t find the controls for the task at hand. In short, all the controls and options are clearly labelled and well placed, nothing seems to be hidden away and difficult to find.

Zyro editor with the grid enabled

To give you more guidance, yet creative control, you can toggle on the grid gaps. Then you drag and drop elements where you want to, but the size and spacing of the page are kept consistent. Nowadays, designing with a grid is common practice. Constraining element proportions and positions to a flexible grid ensures that your website looks clean and well-organised on all kinds of devices from mobiles to desktops.

The editor is tightly linked to the templates so that you’ll always be guided and prevented from making mistakes. As a result, your site will look consistent and professional. The flip side of all these guidance and convenience is that you trade in control.

Design and templates

Zyro provides you with ample choice of modern, attractive, mobile-ready, and free templates that are grouped into categories such as ecommerce, portfolio, restaurant, and the likes. Before you choose the template browse through them, they all have a preview to give you an idea of what’s possible and also because you can’t switch Lateran. The designs rival the clean and beautiful templates of Squarespace.

Zyro templates

Even if you’ve chosen a template that was not categorised as ecommerce, you can still add this functionality to your site, just add the section “Online store”.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Zyro?

With Zyro’s ecommerce toolset, it’s a breeze to set up and run an online store. You have all the functionality needed to manage an online store in all aspects: From product, order, inventory management, to shipping options, automatic tax calculations, gift cards, abandoned cart, and more. It supports both digital and physical products.

The ecommerce features will be unlocked if you subscribed to one of its ecommerce plans.


Zyro calls integrations “apps”. You can add apps to your site for more advanced features. At the time of writing, you can integrate Google Tags Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Messenger, and Hotjar. There is no market place for integration as yet.

Further, you can also embed any service or product that offers an embedded code or widget. This is meant for basic services like displaying a calendar.

AI tools and other features

This review wouldn’t be complete without a look at the AI tools and other nifty features that Zyro provides to make the process of building and launching a website as streamlined as possible.

AI Writer

The AI Writer is like an assistant that helps you write an SEO-friendly copy for your website. Just select the topic you want from the list and click “Generate text”. You can then tweak the text to your liking. A little annoying is that the list of topics is (for now) limited.

Zyro Ai Writer

AI Heatmap

The AI Heatmap will predict how a visitor sees your website and what will catch their eye first. This will help you layout your website in such a way that you can optimise conversion. The colour patches will show on what elements a visitor will focus on.

Zyro AI Heatmap

Logo and Slogan Makers

Zyro’s mission is to help new and basic users to launch their websites effortlessly and so provides tools to help with your visuals and your content. Both are quite basic but are an excellent starting point to further develop and tweak your logo and slogan.

Website Importer

Give Zyro the website you want to have important and it will automatically pull in all the text and images. You can then arrange them via drag and drop just like any other element in the editor. It will make it easy for you to move your website, say when you want to change your website builder.

What marketing tools does Zyro provide?


Edit your metals tags (meta title, meta description) in the settings. When you upload images, simply to add text and SEO-friendly descriptions to the uploaded images. When you edit your products, Zyro will show you how they will look on the search engine result page so that you can adjust the meta tags.

In general, Zyro is coming with built-in SEO features in that its templates are all mobile-friendly, and sites created with it are good performers.


Blogging is a newer feature in Zyro. When you enable it, it will create the blog page along with its structure. Writing and adding images is straightforward as you’d expect. You can edit its style and layout, group the posts into categories. As for SEO, you can add a meta title, meta description, as well as write the post URL. Don’t expect the blogging feature to be on par with WordPress. That said, it’s a solid blogging tool.


Every site built with and running on Zyro is secured with an SSL. That means all data, including credit card details for ecommerce sent between a visitor and the site is encrypted.

The underlying infrastructure that is the servers and other hardware that are needed to run a Zyro website is provided and managed by its parent company Hostinger. Hosting is a domain provider and one of the largest web hosting companies in the world.

Customer support

When you’re working on your site, you’ll find in the lower right-hand corner the widget to contact customer support 24/7. The support usually responds within minutes and strives to solve the problem at hand. If you want to get a better idea of what Zyro can do, you can browse the well-organised Help Centre.


Zyro has 2 basic plans for the website builder and 2 for ecommerce. There’s no free plan, but they offer a 30 days money back guaranty. As usual, the more features you want, the higher the plan needs to be.

At the time of writing this review, Zyro ran a sales that meant that the longer the period of subscription, the more discount you’d get – up to 85%

Is Zyro the right solution for you?

Zyro is a feature-rich website builder geared towards those who are new to websites. It’s an all-inclusive service with an easy to use editor. When combined with the AI tools it’s a stress-free environment that a very basic user can create, launch, and manage websites.

The ecommerce features make Zyro an excellent choice for small and even midrange stores.

If you’re a seasoned professional and want more control, take a look at Squarespace. Zyro is still very “young” and adds new features at breakneck speed. You can try to build a website with Zyro and then let them know what features and functionalities you’d like them to add.

Do you have questions or comments about Zyro? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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