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Durable Website builder review

AI-powered digital tools are now everywhere and AI website builders have been around for many years. Why not harness AI to help you create beautiful and functional websites yet quickly and with very little input from your side?

Durable Website builder promises to do just that. It boldly claims to build a website in 30 seconds using artificial intelligence. It builds a fully-functional website from scratch including layouts, content, and images, based on user-provided information.

This means it falls into the breed of AI website builders that asks you a series of question and based on the answers you provide, it’ll set up a new website with industry-specific content. You can then go ahead and personalise it and add your content and branding.

It also comes with an image search tool so that you can find the perfect images for your sites. Its automated copywriting feature promises to help save your time by automatically creating content.

Durable Website builder is part of the suite of tools offered by Durable that you can use once you’ve created your account. You can use the tools to run your business from keeping track of your customers to invoicing.

Durable is a team of internal engineers and solo business owners who have made it their mission to make it easier to start your own business than work for someone else. The team has a noble vision of a world where people can be their own bosses and communicate directly with their customers.

Pros and cons of Durable Website builder

Just answer a few questions and Durable Website builder has all the information needed to set up a website draft that is populated with industry-specific content. The website is fully-functional coming with the option to connect to your social media such as Facebook and a contact form, albeit it’s just a single-page site.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast in every aspect
  • When you sign up and use Durable Website builder, you get to use the other tools in the suite to run your business


  • As with many AI website builders, the trade-off is that it doesn’t have a high degree of flexibility and customisability

Who is Durable Website builder for?

As the mission of Durable itself is to democratise entrepreneurship, it should be clear that the website builder itself is meant for anyone who wants to start their own business. In other words, it’s great for small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and anyone who wants to quickly and easily create a professional website.

How easy is Durable Website builder to use?

It’s easy to answer 2 questions and voila, you get a website that you can just as easily customise.

The first questions will help Durable Website builder in which industry you’re going to work in

After you’ve given your business a name, it really takes less than a minute for Durable Website builder to design the layout and brand as well as pick the images and write the copy for your site.

After answering the second question, Durable Website builder creates your site

If you don’t like a section, you can regenerate it. You can also regenerate the entire site, and Durable Website builder will pick a new colour scheme, rewrite the copy, and pick new images.

You can regenerate each section

You need to create an account when you want to edit the copy or use your own images. When you’ve created your account, it’s dead-simple to customise content.

Easy to use editor

Since Durable Website builder is part of the tools provided by Durable, you can use its other tools to run your business, such as Money to manage your finances or Invoicing to send invoices to your customers.

Durable Website builder resources and tools

Durable also gives you discounts on other tools you may want to run your business. You may want to try its business name generator if you run out of ideas and it Google Ad writer helps you write the copy to promote your business.

Durable Website builder’s integrations

Since Durable is meant for people starting their business, it’s not very likely that they’re already having an eco system of digital tools. Besides, you get to use the tools offered by Durable.

What are Durable Website builder’s marketing and SEO tools?

Durable Website builder is a single-page website generator with its own ad AI writer. You won’t ever have to sit in front of a blank page and get writer’s block.

Once you’ve sent your invoice, Durable will automatically ask your customer to rate their experience with you and the feedback will be added to the CRM under the aptly named “Feedback”. You can also connect your site to your Facebook Business page and/or a Google My Business Page.

Payment options

If you want to accept payments to use Durable Invoicing, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. And then, you also need a Stripe account.

Durable Website builder security

All sites created with Durable Website builder are secured with an SSL certificate.

Durable Website builder customer support

You can contact Durable via Chat and email. There’s also a searchable help centre.

Durable Website builder pricing

You can try Durable Website builder without even creating an account. You only need an account when you want to customise the content. Then you can experience Durable for free for 30 days. Durable offers 2 plans.

Go with the Business plan if you have more than 50 contacts

Is Durable Website builder the right website builder for you?

Durable Website builder is ideal if you’re starting or running a small business. You don’t have to look elsewhere for tools to keep track of your business finances or contacts. You can do that all within Durable.

The website builder itself makes building and launching a website a walk in the park. You get to build a professional site that has a working contact form quickly and easily. If answering 2 questions still seems to much, you may want to try Mixo in which you just say what your idea is about.

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