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Pabbly review – all-in-one marketing and sales tool

Pabbly is a comprehensive business process management software that promises to take care of all your marketing and sales needs. At its core are email marketing and subscription management. These are completed with

  • A form builder
  • Email verification
  • Pabbly Connect

So, in theory, you should be able to

  • Create and launch your email marketing campaigns
  • Invoice your customers and set up recurring subscriptions
  • Connect across multiple accounts and apps so that you can automate your workflows (Zapier alternative)

While promising to help you save costs since you don’t need so many different services.

Pabbly was founded by Pankaj and Neeraj Agarwal. The first tool launched was Pabbly Subscriptions in 2018. It’s based in India and boasts customers such as Pearson.

Pros and cons of Pabbly

Pabbly is a software-as-a-service application that you access via your browser. Its bread and butter is its subscription service. With it, you can automate your entire invoicing lifecycle including subscription. With its email marketing tool, you can run your email marketing campaigns and send bulk emails daily.


  • Clean and sleek interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Easy to set up and start sending emails
  • With Pabbly Connect, you get more than 750 integrations
  • You also get webhooks to build your custom integrations
  • The support team is quick to respond and promises to get back within 12 hours
  • Value for money


  • If you’re not using a mainstream service, it may be difficult to integrate with Pabbly if you don’t have the IT skills
  • Connecting a mail delivery server with your domain to start sending mails may be a tad difficult

Who is Pabbly for?

Pabbly’s target audience is already generating revenue to meet their needs for billing and subscription. So, if you’re not already generating some revenue or interested in recurring subscriptions, then Pabbly is not a good fit.

Of course, you can use its email marketing or Pabbly connect, even if your business isn’t generating revenue through subscription. It’s a good fit if you’re running a small and medium-sized business and want email marketing or automation that easily integrates with your processes. It’ll help you automate your workflows without the need for an IT department that designs and implements the complex and personalised solutions.

Pabbly user interface

It’s nice to see that you don’t need to hand in your credit card details when you sign up. Like this, you can evaluate and test the service before you make your decision. If you got a Google account, the signup is done with just one click.

After your first login, you’ll see all the apps on your dashboard

When you click on one of the 5 apps, Pabbly opens a new tab. In general, the interface is clean making it really easy to navigate. Even though it comes with a ton of features, I never got lost. The interface makes it easy to complete all the tasks at hand quickly and efficiently. Nothing is hidden behind enigmatic icons or under endless submenus.


For email campaigns, you need to use the app Pabbly Email Marketing. It features the essentials that you’d expect from an email marketing service. In contrast to the typical email service provider, you first need to connect it to an SMTP (delivery) server before you can send it. A deliver server is for example Sendgrid or its own built-in SMTP.

Creating your email is easy with its drag-drop email builder

To ensure you’ve got a clean list with real and correct emails, you can verify the email addresses in your list. Otherwise, you’d just be sending a ton of mails that get filtered or bounce and you’re missing out.

Verify your email list and remove spam IDs

This’ll help you reduce fake emails and reduce your bounce rate which in turn improves your email score (in other words your spam rating).


Signup forms are crucial if you want to grow your list. But you get to create more than just subscription forms. You’ll find over 200 templates for anything from feedback to admission and survey, to order and billing forms.

All kinds of forms can be created with the Form Builder

With help of the drag-and-drop editor, it’s a piece of cake to customise your form or to create a new form from scratch. Since the forms can be used for multiple purposes, you can define the different aspects of your form such as what happens after a submission or form scheduling. This is interesting if you want to make a time-limited offer and so you can set when to activate or deactivate your form.

Define different aspects of your form

A form can be added to your website to attract leads, for payment collection, event registrations, and for surveys among others. Once a form is submitted, you see the user details such as what browser and operating system were used.

Just know that if you want the forms to connect with Pabbly Email Marketing, you need to use Pabbly Connect.

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

To send the right message to the right people, Pabbly Email Marketing comes with a segmentation tool. You can use criteria such as geolocation or subscription date to segment your list. Use these segments for your automation.


An automation tool is built into Pabbly Email Marketing. What makes it powerful is that it comes with a visual editor with conditional steps so that you can build the process workflow as you need it.

Build your multistep automation without programming skills

The built-in automation helps you build automation workflows for sending emails and updating your list. You can build anything from prescheduled emails to automated emails.

Pabbly Connect (Integrations)

Since the built-in automation is only for Pabbly Email Marketing, you’ll be using Pabbly Connect to integrate across multiple applications and automate tasks.

No matter what niche or size of business you’re in, automating tasks and processes is going to help you save tedium. If you hear automation, chances are that you’re thinking of Zapier. Pabbly Connect is like the younger and more affordable brother.

Pabbly is constantly adding new integrations

Pabbly Connect supports services for

  • CRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Helpdesk
  • Collaboration
  • And more

Pabbly Subscription Billing

Is aimed at SMBs to set up a range of plans and subscriptions for their products. It’s for managing

  • Customer subscriptions
  • Billing
  • Recurring payments
  • Failed payments

In other words, it helps you with all the different aspects of your cash flow. You can create subscription and billing website forms. You can embed checkout pages that automatically-fills customer data to your forms.

Since Pabbly knows how important numbers are for your sales, it gives you detailed sales analytics. You’ll see PKIs such as

  • Monthly revenue
  • Average revenue per user
  • Net revenue

Pabbly reporting

Every tool comes with its own reporting. For Pabbly Email Marketing, it tracks your campaign performance. You’ll see with one glance how your campaign performed. You’ll see sent, unsubscribes, click and open rates. If you want more details, you can connect it to your Google Analytics account.


You can contact the support team via live chat, email, Facebook group, and its website contact form which promises to get back to you within 12 hours. There’s also a forum.


When you sign up, you can try all 5 tools for free during its 7 days trial period. The pricing is somewhat confusing. As you see, you can select one of its 17 tiers. The difference between the tears is the number of subscribers, forms, tasks, etc is included at each level. But, when you’re using the individual tools, you can also upgrade just that one tool

You can save if you choose to pay annually or a longer period

Is Pabbly right for you?

Pabbly is a pretty well-rounded service that helps you with your business management processes, especially your marketing and sales activities. But you can also use it for other tasks such as meeting bookings. And it helps with managing your business’ finances. It’s sleek and easy to use while offering value for money without any major drawbacks.

Ask yourself these questions to know if it’s a good fit for you

Do you already generate revenue and want to streamline your billing process?
Do you have a lot of services and tools?
Do you feel that it’s a chore to jump between all the different tools in your business?
Do you not have enough time or the team to spend on each tool to create triggers for them?
Do you feel you’re losing time just to collect the reports of the different tools?

If you’ve answered with a yes to these questions, Pabbly will help you with repetitive tasks. With the 17 tiers, it’s set to grow and scale with you.

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