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Engagebay review – all-in-one marketing for growing businesses

Even if a tool promises to help with tedious and repetitive tasks, you won’t touch it if isn’t easy to use. You probably also won’t go near it if you need to make it talk with other standalone services for separate processes. Especially in marketing, where you need to be present on multiple platforms and track a user journey across all of them.

This is where Engagebay hopes to help you if you believe one of its claims to be a single solution for all your marketing activities. Looking at its feature, Engagebay really seems to be doing justice to its claim and provides any marketing tool you could need.

In a nutshell, Engagebay is customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales, and support rolled into an all-in-one marketing automation solution. With Engagebay, all-in-one is truly the correct term to describe it. You use it to do everything: from attracting and nurturing relationships with your audience, converting visitors to turning them into happy and long-term customers. And there’s no lock-in, you can use its full feature set, or pick and choose what you need.

Though it’s a relatively young company – it was launched in 2017, Engagebay serves more than 28’000 customers including renowned brands such as Forbes.

Pros and cons of Engagebay

Engagebay streamlines marketing automation, CRM, sales, customer support, and live chat. It centralises all into one single place for easy access so that you don’t need to jump from one service to the next and back.

Following industry standards, you can subscribe to its service on a monthly basis and access it via your browser.


  • Free forever plan
  • Signup without handing over your credit card details
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to grasp and easy to use interface
  • Integrated, all-in-one marketing and sales automation
  • All templates are mobile-ready


As an all in one tool, it can have a learning curve even with a straightforward interface, especially if you’re new to digital marketing
The template galleries aren’t searchable

Who is Engagebay for?

If you’re looking for ways to improve your lead generation, engage your audience with email marketing, or just alleviate tedious and repetitive tasks in marketing, sales, and support, Engagebay can help you.

The good thing is that you don’t need to subscribe to the full, all-in-one suite which consists of 3 service lines

  • Marketing
  • CRM & Sales Bay
  • Service Bay

So, for example, if you need only the marketing features, you can just subscribe to only the Marketing Bay plan and add other service lines or move to the all-in-one when needed.

Engagebay user interface

Even with its comprehensive feature set, the user interface comes across as intuitive and easy to use. It’s well laid out so that you’ll find your way within minutes, particularly if you’ve used an online tool before.

Depending on what service you’ve subscribed to, you’ll see a different dashboard


If you’re interested in growing your audience and improving your lead generation, you’ll need to subscribe to Marketing Bay. It’ll give you the complete picture of a user journey and provide you with all the tools you need to attract and engage your customers.

Speaking of engaging with your customers, the classic email and SMS broadcasts can be found under Campaigns. Engagebay has also classified the following as campaigns

  • Sequences
  • Automations
  • Workflows

Email marketing is the most efficient tool in digital marketing. You can create a regular email campaign, A/B broadcast, or use your RSS. Setting up a regular email broadcast is a simple 5 step process

  1. Define email details
  2. Choose recipients
  3. Add content
  4. Review and confirm
  5. Send
Email templates grouped into general, ecommerce, events, and celebrations

To help you speed up the process, Engagebay has a template gallery with pre-designed email templates that are mobile-ready. The templates are grouped into general, ecommerce, events, and celebrations categories. It’s easy to customise the content with help of the drag-and-drop editor.

Engagebay email editor

Sign up forms and landing pages

If you want to improve your lead generation, you’ll want to capture information about your visitors. You can do this with inline, popup forms, or landing pages.

Engagebay landing pages templates

You’ll find a template gallery for both varieties of forms as well as for the landing pages. To customise the templates and add your own content, you’ll be using the drag-and-drop editor. It looks and behaves the same as the email drag-and-drop editor.

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

The Marketing Bay includes a contact management tool. With its help, you can manage and segment your contact into subsets based on previous behaviour. If you want to relieve repetitive tasks, use the smart list to dynamically update your segments and trigger automations.

It also has a predictive lead scoring, which means that it gives your audience scores based on their activities. Contacts added here will also be available in the CRM & Sales Bay.

Automations and workflows

Automations and workflows are part of campaigns. Both are going to help you automate repetitive and routine tasks and both use the conditions and actions. An automation in Engagebay gets triggered automatically but a workflow has to executed manually.

The actions you can define aren’t limited to email and SMS, you can also automate other repetitive tasks such as tagging contacts, updating contact scores, or data syncing.

Other features

The other Engagebay products are CRM & Sales Bay and Service Bay.

CRM & Sales Bay

The tools in CRM & Sales Bay help you track in which stage a prospect is. You can track deals in your pipeline while nurturing the relationship with your prospects and customers. It includes a CRM, that gives you a detailed view of your user, tracking all interactions.

You can set up a calendar for each of your sales reps as well as a team calendar so that your prospects can easily schedule a meeting.

Service Bay

Acquiring a new customer is only half of the story. Successful companies have loyal customers that form long-term relationships with you. For that, you want to provide them first-class customer service.

Service Bay gives you tools for running a help desk. Set up a ticketing system for your customers to create support requests.

Live chat

Regardless of what plan you subscribe to, you have access to live chat. This feature allows you to talk to your audience in real-time or set up one-on-one support.

Engagebay integrations

As comprehensive as Engagebay is, you might still want to do more, say manage and track invoices or send signed documents. If you don’t find what you need, you can always connect it with Zapier, the jack-of-all-trades.

Engagebay reporting

Knowing your numbers is a must in marketing. The dashboards for each service line show you the relevant numbers. For example, in Marketing Bay, you’ll see reports related to your contact lists, forms, and so forth.

Depending on what service you’ve subscribed to, you’ll see a different dashboard


If you’re working on a task in Engagebay, the live customer chat is one click away in the lower right-hand corner. If self-help is more your idea, there’s a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base.


For each of the products,

  • Marketing
  • CRM & Sales Bay
  • Service Bay
  • All-in-one

you can choose your level, from free to pro. So, depending on the level of your plan, you’ll have access to only email and chat support or get an account manager and phone support. If you choose to pay yearly or every two years, you can save 18% or 28%.

All plans for the All-in-one product

Is Engagebayright for you?

Engagebay is an all-in-one marketing automation service. And with all-one, I really mean all in one. It has the most comprehensive feature set and that at an affordable price. There are a handful of competitors providing a similar feature list, but their price tags are way more substantial.

If you find there’s a learning curve, it has more to do with what you can and should do to attract and keep customers than with the user interface of Engagebay. Even with its many features, its interface is easy to grasp and use.

If find you have a tough time understanding the journey your customer takes, feel free to contact me.

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