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Aritic Pinpoint review – full-stack marketing automation

Are you looking to generate leads, build and nurture a relationship, and convert them into loyal customers? If so, you’re looking at activities including

  • Building and launching landing pages
  • Tracking
  • Split testing
  • Launching and managing campaigns across platforms
  • Lead scoring

Central to all these tasks is to get the email address of your prospects so that you can reach out to them. Aritic Pinpoint promises to help you with your marketing activities. It calls its service full-stack meaning that you can use it for almost all of your marketing and campaigns.

This means it will help you understand where your prospects are coming from and the journey they took until they converted. And, you can get in front of them with the right message at the right time, and via the right channels.

Pros and cons of Aritic Pinpoint

Dataaegis, Inc., the company offering Aritic Pinpoint has its headquarters in Walnuts, US and offices in India. The service is an all-in-one marketing automation platform.


  • Free trial without handing over your credit card details
  • Nifty lead scoring and triggering
  • Integrated forms and landing page builder so if you can dream up a funnel, you can build it
  • All templates are mobile-ready


  • The software is unstable: Sometimes, it wasn’t possible to log in and at other times, a page just wouldn’t load
  • It’s a complex tool and comes with a learning curve, especially if you’re new to digital marketing
  • The email template gallery is not searchable

Who is Aritic Pinpoint for?

If you’re looking for an integrated and powerful marketing automation service that grows with you, Aritic Pinpoint is a good place to start. It comes with a vast feature list and consequently, the learning curve is steep.

If your approach is customer-centric, it lets position your brand with the help of the relationship you build with your audience, regardless of your business industry.

Aritic Pinpoint user interface

After your first login, you’ll be brought to your dashboard. It’s divided into the engagement, awareness, and conversion dashboard and you see with just a glance how your campaigns are performing

See at one glance how your activities are performing

If you’ve used an online tool before, navigating the interface is a cinch. You’ll find on your left the sidebar that opens up when you hover over it. The sidebar houses the feature set.


Aritic Pinpoint offers you different channels for your campaigns:

  • RSS
  • Web push
  • Mobile push
  • Email
  • Onsite widget popups

The last option is to display a popup form to capture details of a prospect on a specific page. For this review, I’m only going to go deeper into the email campaign.

Aritic Pinpoint’s campaign types

Most of the time, setting up and sending a campaign is a 5 step process, but Aritic Pinpoint’s very particular about it so that you go through

  1. Selecting your template
  2. Adding your content
  3. Defining your general settings
  4. Selecting and excluding segments
  5. Defining your advanced settings such as adding an attachment or Google Analytics UTM tags
  6. Adding or autogenerating the plaintext version
  7. Sending or scheduling

Use the drag-and-drop editor to customise your template. The editor thoughtfully has a redo and undo button. You can also preview your email on different devices. If you prefer, you can also edit the templates in HTML mode or start from scratch.

Aritic email editor

Sign up forms and landing pages

As a full-stack marketing automation service, you’d expect tools to capture information about your visitors. Aritic Pinpoint lets you create forms, landing pages, and popups. You’ll find forms and landing pages under the section Assets in the sidebar.

Types of forms

You’ll find popups under the section Campaigns. To speed up the process Aritic Pinpoint has pre-designed forms (also for popups) and landing pages that you can select and then adapt.

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

Managing your contacts can be counted as the strong point of Aritic Pinpoint. You can create segments with an almost endless list of criteria such behaviour, lead scoring and source, and conversions. The segments are dynamically updated when a contact meets certain criteria. It also has pre-installed segments that can inspire you.

Use the lead scoring to determine where a prospect is in their journey. Then use score triggers to fire an automatic action when that value is reached.

Segmentation is a crucial step in automation. It will help remove the tedium of repetitive tasks as well as sending the right message to the right person.


Including the forms and landing pages, if you can dream up a funnel, you can build it in the drag-and-drop automation editor. It’s not just a simple autoresponder but you can add conditional steps, actions, and decisions.

Other features

Aritic Pinpoint has a vast feature list. You can also

  • Automate social media engagement
  • Set up gated video
  • Nurture your prospects with the help of a chatbot
  • Automate mobile marketing
  • Track and retarget anonymous visitors

Aritic Pinpoint integrations

If you don’t like the built-in CRM, you can integrate Aritic Pinpoint with third-party CRMs such as Salesforce. Obviously, you can integrate it with social media such as Facebook, and with tracking providers such as Google analytics. And, Zapier, the jack-of-all-trades, is also not missing.

Aritic Pinpoint reporting

Numbers are the basis for all marketing and Aritic Pinpoint knows that. You’ll see it in the engagement and analytics sections. It lets you dive into the reports to improve your marketing activities and understand from where your prospects are coming and which stage they’re in.


If you’re working on a task in Aritic Pinpoint, the live customer chat is one click away in the lower right-hand corner. If self-help is more your idea, there’s a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base.


You can experience Aritic Pinpoint for 14 days free of charge. There’s also a free plan but it’s only for up to 200 contacts and with a limited feature list. You can sign up without a credit card, which is a boon. Many want to test the service and are put off by having to first add a credit card before they make a buying decision.

Check the full feature list

Is Aritic Pinpointright for you?

Aritic Pinpoint is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing automation service. The learning curve is due to how feature-rich and versatile it is. That being said, even if it’s loaded with functions, the interface is well laid out and self-explanatory. It’s clearly geared towards SMEs and can grow with your business.

During this review, I encountered bugs here and there. Sometimes I couldn’t log in and other times the page just would not load. Once the bugs get smoothed out, Aritic Pinpoint is a nifty software if you need a tool that helps you run and track your campaigns across multiple channels.

That being said, a powerful automation tool is not the silver bullet, if you have a tough time understanding the customer source and journey. If you want to know more about customer journeys, feel free to reach out.

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