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Getresponse review – all-in-one email marketing

According to a survey by Gartner, 56% of CEOs stated that their digital efforts have resulted in sales growth. This survey was conducted in 2017. Right now, times are tough for all of us. It feels like we’re still in the middle of the pandemic and it will have a far-reaching impact on how we do business in general and it only emphasises the need to improve our digital business strategy.

All of this means finding a way to do marketing and sales online could be a no-brainer, right? This means finding an email marketing tool apt for your needs so that you can engage potential leads and keep in contact with your audience.

But there are many things to consider: How easy is it to use, does it talk to your other tools, and last but not least the price. Getresponse is one of the oldest and most popular email tools.

Getresponse can be seen as one of the grandfathers of email marketing. It was all the way back in 1997 when CEO Simon Grabowski launch the first autoresponder. Since then, it has grown to serve more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries. Hence, its interface supports in 26 languages.

Pros and cons of Getresponse

Since its start as an autoresponder, Getresponse has added features. It gives you tools and features to gather subscribers, send newsletters campaigns, and automate repetitive tasks. It also features web push notifications, live chat, website builder, webinar hosting, ecommerce features, landing pages, and sales funnels.


  • Signup without handing over your credit card details
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Automation workflow editor allows you to build a fully immersive funnel
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use builders for creating emails, landing pages, websites
  • Template gallery for emails, landing pages, websites
  • 24/7 cat support for all paid accounts


  • Automation only for the top paid plans

Who is Getresponse for?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive tool to help you launch, organise, and analyse your marketing campaign, consider Getresponse.

It has tools for you to build landing pages, websites, and automations for you to set up a fully automated funnel. You can do many tasks all under one roof, from sending emails to scheduling webinars. With its pricing structure, it’s worth it if your business is up and coming.

Getresponse user interface

Creating and setting up an account only took a few minutes – even without having the credit card at hand. And the ease of use extends to its interface.

Generally spoken, Getresponse has a pretty easy-to-use and uncluttered interface. You have full control over your dashboard so that you can add or remove widgets.

You get full control of your dashboard view

It’s easy enough for anyone to find their way and do all the basics

  • Import contacts
  • Create an email campaign
  • Create autoresponders
  • Look at reports
  • Manage and segment contacts


When you start a campaign, you get to choose your campaign type. For this review, I chose to create a welcome email campaign.

Campaign types fall into automation or conversion funnel

You’ll find a range of templates under each campaign. A campaign can consist of several steps (called elements in Getresponse). It’s best to take your time and look at each one so that you use the one that best suits your goals.

A campaign can have several steps

Once you’ve selected a template, you’re brought to the workflow editor. The editor will help you create a fully immersive user journey. You can build a custom funnel with it seems an almost infinite trigger option – that was why I chose a welcome email campaign.

Workflow editor helps you tailor a custom funnel

If you’re using Getresponse for the first time, I recommend following the interactive tutorial. Once you’re done with designing your campaign, it’s time to create your email message. You’ll get to choose from the predesigned email templates and then customise the selected template. Designing and customising the email message is a piece of cake with the drag-and-drop editor. If you’ve used Microsoft Word, you’ll find this even easier.

Sign up forms and landing pages

Without forms and landing pages you can’t grow your list. If you know HTML, you can add an HTML form where you need it or select from the different templates organised into categories.

You can also build order forms, feedback forms, event sign-up forms…

The other way to convert visitors into subscribers is to use a landing page. Getresponse provides you with a template gallery. The landing page templates are sorted into categories such as sign-up, promotion, webinars. Interestingly, the landing pages are accompanied by a thank you page so that you can build a mini funnel.

The editor both for the forms and landing pages is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. It’s similarly easy to run split tests for your landing pages. Just click the “+” tab beside the Variant A tab and you can create as many variants as you like.

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

No 2 contacts are the same or even alike. You want to send messages to your audience tailored to serve the right content to the right contacts at the right time. To do that, you segment your list. You can segment by the most often used criteria like location or click. But you can also go much deeper and add rules. You can get pretty specific by adding rules after rules.

With this specific segmentation, you can make your interaction with your contact more dynamic and more personal to help increase engagement and conversions. Not missing of course is that you can address your contacts by name and include their details in your message.


As you’ve seen, campaigns fall into the categories automation and conversion funnel. This is not the good old autoresponder but a sophisticated workflow that lets you automatically tag a contact or send a message.

Of course, you can set up the classic drip campaigns and autoresponders. But automation with rules, conditions, and triggers are your best friend if you want to generate more sales on autopilot. What makes Getresponse automation tool so powerful is that it has a conditional step and you can chain as many steps as you want.

Website builder

This is a feature that small business owners and people who start their online venture will appreciate. You don’t need coding skills and can build a website within the known Getresponse interface.

It also comes with a template gallery and then customise your site with the known drag-and-drop editor. You can connect the newly created site with a domain you own or even buy one from Getresponse. Just bear in mind that the website is more of a basic affair.

Conversion funnel

The conversion funnel is like the culmination of the features described above. With it, Getresponse graduates form being a “simple” email marketing tool to something that you can use to drive your online business. It lets you put all the elements together and create a converting funnel so that you can turn a lead into a customer. It can even serve as an online store, where you can accept payments.

Getresponse integrations

Seeing how comprehensive Getresponse is, chances are there might be still a feature or two you might be missing. If you want to integrate it with another service, there are more than 100 integrations. You’ll find integrations for productivity, CRM, and ecommerce among others.

If you have access to developers or know to code yourself, you can also use its API to create a custom-made integration.

Getresponse reporting

You get all the basics metrics – open rate, clicks, unsubscribe. And then you get geo-tracking, email ROI, metrics over time. These data can help you create sub-segments or tweak your strategy.


No matter what your level in marketing is, sometimes you can get stuck. After all, software updates and interface changes can put a spoke between our wheels. If you find yourself stuck, you can contact support via email or 24/7 chat. The email support provided is available in 8 languages which makes Getresponse stand out from the rest.


If you consider what tools and features are included, Getresponse is giving you great value for your money. Its’s pricing is based on contacts and there’s no limit on the emails you can send. Just know that if a contact appears in 2 separate lists, it counts as two contacts.

Getresponse prices

Is Getresponseright for you?

Getresponse is a well-rounded email marketing service. Considering that it comes with features such as a landing page creator that many other email marketing tools don’t offer, it’s easy to see why it’s often praised as one of the top dogs in the industry even after more than 2 decades.

Its features make it into a full-stack marketing tool with an almost unbeatable price. You find everything in one interface. Also, opening tools won’t open new tabs so that you have to juggle and switch between them. And lastly, it doesn’t have major drawbacks.

In essence, it’s versatile, easy to use, and it can handle your omni-channel marketing needs. It’s well worth both for marketing novices as well as seasoned experts to look into.

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