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Did you ever want to try out new ideas? Express your creativity? Meet It’s an application that lets you build expressive, stylistic websites. Modern websites that automatically resize and look good on any device.

The creator, @wilrahn wanted to give people from all walks of life the means to have their personal website. This means the website builder should be intuitive – dead simple. So everyone, also people who don’t have web development lingo (you know, words like responsive, breakpoints, grid…) can make a page that’s just as individual as they are.

Personal websites seem to be a dwindling species and the few that are still around look more and more similar. Yet increasingly more people have design experience, just look at the many people posting fabulous images and videos on Snapchat and Instagram.

This is how came about. It’s a super easy website builder with a drag-and-drop editor, or as calls it a WYSIWYG composer. It’s a new kid on the block in the website builder space, launched just last year.

Pros and cons of

With a really simple pricing structure, is an intuitive and straightforward website builder. It’s free to use and you only need to sign up to a paying account if you need a custom domain.

You can build a website without worrying about how it looks on the different devices – it will automatically take care of that. The cool thing is that if you know how to use apps like Snapchat, you’ll know how to use Your page has its own URL with the pattern that you can share on your social media profiles.


  • Forever free plan
  • Dead simple to use
  • The website builder works beautifully on every device
  • Sign up and login only need your email address (no password)
  • The branding of on the free account is unobtrusive
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Limited integrations
  • Still in early stages

Who is for?

If don’t want to rely on the bio-page of your social media, is the way to go. You could use it to build

  • Your own personal page for the link in the bio
  • Your portfolio
  • A landing page
  • Wedding or party invitation

It’s also a helpful tool if you want to experiment and see what your ideas will look like. Or you could use it to validate a new idea. Only your imagination is the limit.

How easy is to use?

You don’t even need a login to try out Just head over to its builder and click on the pencil icon in the lower right-hand corner to enter the edit mode.

In the edit mode, everything is editable

But if you want to have your personal page, you need to sign up. To sign up, you just need your email address, no password is required. This means that to sign in, you always enter your email and then get a link that signs you into your account.

This may be a matter of personal preference if you like not having a password. Though, for each sign in, you need to enter your email. Personally, I find it very handy. It also makes the sign in on a tablet or mobile so much easier.

Onboarding with a quick how-to (on a mobile, just to show that it really works on all devices)

The WYSIWYG composer shows you on the left and right edges what will not be seen on mobiles.

On the left, you’ll find the toolbar

All in all, is refreshingly easy to use, even playful. It has a nice clean, interface with clearly labelled elements.


As a one pager, it doesn’t really make sense to add themes and templates. With its playful approach, has a tongue in cheek feature that can help you. It’s aptly called “Chaos Monkey”.

Chaos Monkey

If you hit the Chaos Monkey button, it will generate a new page with randomised design for you.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with

As a one-pager builder, doesn’t have a CMS for dynamic content such as a shopping cart. You can add links that point to your products in a services such as Cartloom.


You can embed other services by using the smart embed.

Supported platforms

Try to directly paste the links into the WYSIWYG composer. It will automatically make a button to the service, even if the platform might not (yet) be supported.

What marketing tools does provide?

You can use a as a landing page in your funnel. For that, you get a custom URL. As isn’t a CMS, having a blog isn’t within the scope.


All websites built with and hosted on are encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Customer support

When you’re in edit mode, you’ll see the information icon in the lower right-hand corner. When you click it, it shows you the keyboard shortcuts and how to reach support. You can reach support via

  • Twitter DM @xhfloz
  • Discord
  • Email


The pricing is really clear and simple. With the free plan, you can create 3 pages and they’re limited to 30 blocks per page.

If you need a custom domain, unlimited pages, or unlimited blocks, upgrade to the Pro plan. You can opt to pay $15 per month or save a bit and pay $150 per year. You can also become a supporter for $5/m or $50/y.

Is the right solution for you?

With a free account and very reasonable pricing, is an invitation to experiment and live your creativity. It’s sole purpose is for you to create one-pagers, for your personal page or anything that pops into your mind.

It’s lives up to its claim of being dead simple and is a playful approach to creating your personal page. It’s still in its early stages and doesn’t have major shortcomings. So, what’s not to like?

If you need more features for one-pagers, take a look at Carrd

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