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You can’t overstate the value of a solid marketing strategy for businesses. Lead generation is one of the most important cogs in the grand machinery called marketing. And for that, you need attractive landing pages.

How many times did you see on an Instagram page “click the link in the bio”? And where did you land after the click? It was a landing page (cue in the name) that offers you something such as a product or asked you to leave your email.

Landing pages are a valuable tool in the toolbox of a marketer because they can convert a potential lead into a customer. They offer a better user engagement since people voluntarily clicked on a link and landed there, and as an added boon, they’re also non-intrusive.

Even better, if you can launch landing pages without waiting for what feels like an eternity for your designer and IT guys. With the rise of subscription-based services, you can use landing page builders to save time and focus on your marketing strategy. is such a service. As a cloud-based landing page generator, it gives you tools to build and launch your landing pages to capture leads. And of course, monitor traffic and generate reports so that you have actionable data to optimise your next campaign.

Pros and cons of

With you can create landing pages, catalogues, surveys, and popups. Conveniently, it comes with a CRM that also includes tools to help you communicate with your leads through emails and SMS text messages.

As a landing page builder, it comes with the (almost obligatory) drag-and-drop editor so that you don’t need to code.


  • The platform can be used in different languages such as Hebrew, Greek, French, Chinese
  • Easy to use
  • No credit card required at signup
  • Free forever plan
  • Landing pages can be exported by FTP
  • Search function – not only a dry list of your assets and campaigns


  • Even though you can change the language of the interface, some elements stubbornly remained in Hebrew
  • In general, the templates are not mobile-ready. You need to specifically choose a mobile template.
  • Integrations only available when you’re subscribed to its tailored for you plan

Who is for?

If you regularly launch campaigns, you’re probably also creating new landing pages with them. can help you streamline the process. states clearly on its website that it’s catering to digital agencies and advertisers. It’s suitable for marketers of all levels of experience and it works well for businesses of all sizes and across many different industries.

How easy is to use?

Following industry standards, after signup, you first choose our template and then are taken to the drag-and-drop editor.

Customising the template with the editor is easy

Even though the drag-and-drop editor is designed to be easy to use, it gives you a high degree of flexibility and control. For more seasoned marketers and those who don’t shy away from code, you can also add custom HTML code to get exactly what you want.

It’s not only the drag-and-drop editor, the feature set and the entire interface is designed for the needs of marketers. Managing and engaging your leads is just as simple. You can set up dynamic offers that match the preferences and searches of the people coming to your landing pages. It then syncs activities such as search history, behavioural patterns, and interest for each visit.

You also get a dashboard that gives you an overview of what’s happening with your assets and quick access to all the features design and templates

The template gallery showcases templates for landing pages and popups ( calls them overlays).

You can preview the templates

Just know that if you use an overlay, it may not be mobile-ready.

The preview of an overlay template for mobile is just black

How to manage your ecommerce store in is solely focusing on letting you create the optimal marketing campaigns. But this doesn’t mean you can’t add a buy button. You can add Snipcart or Cartloom via custom HTML code – or as very last resort a Paypal buy button. integrations

With how is set up, you can create all kinds of integrations – just your imagination is the limit. For example, all your assets can automatically connect and send the leads to an email address. This is interesting if you’re building a funnel for a client.

You can build custom integrations with Facebook, Google, etc

Just know that you only get unlimited integrations when you subscribe to its Enterprise plan.

What marketing and SEO tools does have? gives you everything you need to launch campaigns and manage leads across multiple channels.


In general, has optimised its templates for SEO and you can verify it with Google speed test. Every asset that you build has a section in its settings where you add meta tags.


As a landing page builder, is not built for dynamic content such as blogging.

Custom domains

You can use hosted versions of your assets or connect them with a custom domain.

Virtual numbers

With virtual numbers, you can give people the option to call you but you aren’t bound to a fixed location. And even better, the calls are tracked and added into your CRM as leads. This feature is only available if you subscribe to the Enterprise account.

Payment options

Running a store is out of scope since is not built for dynamic content such as an online store. Since you can add custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, you can add a Paypal button. security

All assets built in get SSL. As you can export per FTP, you can always have a backup on your local computer of what you built. customer support

You can contact through email or call them but it’s not clear when the office hours are or how long the response time is.

Even stranger is that I didn’t find a help centre, knowlege base, or similar. But after scouring I found its Youtube channel where you can learn how to work with pricing

Including the free plan, offers 3 plans. As it is in this space, it comes with a hefty price tag.

If you need support, you need a paying account

Is the right tool for you?

If you’re regularly building landing pages for your campaigns, is a solid place to start. But you to be sure that you use all its features and that your campaigns perform to give you a return to justify the hefty price tag.

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