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Abcsubmit review – more than just a form builder

You might misunderstand Abcsubmit as “just” a drag-and-drop tool to build any type of form, but it sells itself short. Of course, you can embed the so built forms on your site but you can also use it to build websites and run an ecommerce store.

Founded in 2018, Abcsubmit is based in Romania. It takes on the website building space with a different approach, offering a cloud-based service concentrating on forms. Having online forms allows you to collect leads, schedule appointments, and with Abcsubmit even sell your products.

Pros and cons of Abcsubmit

Abcsubmit offers its service as a monthly subscription. You can build all kinds of forms which then can be a part of your business workflow including approvals, custom notification, and more. However, its basic feature is to create forms and capture the data of your audience.


  • Forever free plan
  • Available in English, Romanian, Spanish, German, and French
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription as you need it


  • The test period will only unlock if you enter your credit card details
  • The lower subscription tiers are quite limited
  • The “help centre” is just a PDF user manual

Who is Abcsubmit for?

If you need some kind of form on your website, the versatile service of Abcsubmit is a good place to start. No matter if you need forms for

  • Selling online
  • Receive files
  • Receiving feedback with the help of a survey
  • Allowing your audience to schedule a meeting
  • Receiving messages from your readers
  • Receive applications
  • Receive hotel room reservations

If you want to take the captured data and include it into your business processes, consider Abcsubmit.

You can use the created forms as standalone websites. This is an interesting option to run your online store. When you publish your forms, you have the options of

  • Sharing a link (for example on your social media)
  • Embedding the form on an existing site
  • Publishing as a standalone website with your domain or as hosted by Abcsubmit (with the pattern

How easy is Abcsubmit to use?

Even if the form editor looks a bit dated, it’s a drag-and-drop editor. Anyone coming from another website builder will find their way around within minutes. The elements are clearly labelled and well organised, so it’s easy to learn and use.

Abcsubmit form builder

Using a form is fairly straightforward. You’ll have created an “ecommerce form” in a few moments.

Abcsubmit form for an online store

Abcsubmit design and templates

Abcsubmit provides a wide range of templates to choose from. The over 1000 templates are organised into categories such as memberships, event registrations, payments, and surveys.

Abcsubmit templates

The forms are mobile-ready so that your audience can view and submit on any kind of device. It’s fairly easy to customise the templates with the drag-and-drop editor.

How to manage your ecommerce store in Abcsubmit?

With Abcsubmit you get the storefront part of a shopping cart software, but not all the features of a store backend. Some things that are missing to make Abcsubmit to a full-fledged ecommerce solution are

  • Order management
  • Inventory management with quantity alerts
  • Invoice management
  • Discount codes
  • Upsell and downsell
  • Return management

You could put together a store backend with the help of Abcsubmit Workflow. This would on the one hand allow for great flexibility in how you integrate a sale into your business processes. On the other hand, you first need to map the steps of your business workflow onto Abcsubmit Workflow.

Abcsubmit integrations

Besides the payment gateway options, Abcsubmit gives you options for sharing, customer relationship management, planning, and notifications. If this is not enough, you can connect it with Zapier.

What marketing and SEO tools does Abcsubmit have?

As Abcsubmit is not your typical website builder but concentrates on forms, you’ll be missing the blogging feature. At the same time, as you can publish a form as a website, you can use this as a landing page and build a marketing funnel.

With its automation feature, Abcsubmit Workflow, not only can you build automated responses and send your audience to the next form for your marketing funnel but with its conditional logic, you can automatically approve a reservation if certain conditions are met. Abcsubmit Workflow also helps you with tasks such as welcome email automation, customer onboarding processes, and account creation.


You add meta tags for each of your forms (form title, description, and keywords) in the settings. All forms and websites built in Abcsubmit can be connected with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel.

Payment options

The usual suspects for accepting payments are available – that is Paypal and Stripe. You’ll also find you can connect your forms to square, Braintree, BitPay,, and even accept cash.

Abcsubmit security

Your forms and data are stored with Abcsubmit, which boasts it will protect them from VPN / Proxy / Bad reputation networks. All plans offer encryption for the forms you create.

Abcsubmit customer support

When you’re working on your forms, you’ll find a chat icon in the bottom right corner. The chat icon is also displayed on any page of Abcsubmit’s website. The chat is quite responsive and answers in about 10 minutes, but that is during business hours. If you use the contact form, you’ll see that Abcsubmit will answer within 2 business days.

There is no help centre but a user manual that you can download as a PDF.

Abcsubmit pricing

Including the forever free plan, you can choose from 4 plans. As you’d expect, the higher the plan, the more features you get. Unfortunately, the first-level paid plan doesn’t include Abcsubmit Workflow.

Check what’s included on the different plans

You get to try out the paid plans with a 14-day test period, but you need to enter your credit card details.

Is Abcsubmit the right tool for you?

If you’re a business owner and are looking for a way to

  • collect leads
  • create polls
  • accept payments
  • schedule appointments

And use this data in your business processes, such as creating a report from the forms, Abcsubmit is a robust choice. If you like to automate business processes like holiday requests, job applications, booking requests, or any other repetitive tasks, Abcsubmit Workflow can help.

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