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  • Post comments:0 Comments is a contact and relationship management tool that helps you capture, communicate, and cultivate leads. It gives you a 360 view of your contacts including all conversations, and call recordings, and since it’s part of 500apps offering, you’ll get anything and everything you need to run all aspects of your business.

500apps mission is to give small businesses the tools they need at an affordable price.
Headquartered in India, it has offices in Australia, UK, and US. It serves 90’000+ businesses worldwide.

Pros and cons of

With as your CRM, you can discover opportunities and drive your sales. It’ll store and manage all of your contacts in one place so that you can see all interactions. Needless to say that it has contact, account, and deal management. But it also comes with document, task, and project management features and even CRM telephony.

As part of 500apps, also runs in the cloud and you can use it when you subscribe to 500apps, along with the other 49 apps.


  • affordable and transparent prices, although no free plan is available
  • signup without credit card
  • easy to use


  • if you’re not already using one of the 50 apps of 500apps, the signup process is longwinded

Who is for?

If you want to keep track of everything that’s relevant, having a CRM is a must. Even better, if it can give you accurate information and notifications at the right time so that you can make decisions effectively. Although such a tool sounds like you’d need deep pockets, is budget friendly and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. is great for people who use a CRM for the first time because you don’t need lengthy training before you can use it in a productive manner. In other words, it’s great for small to mid-sized businesses and startups, because it combines an easy to use service with an attractive feature list at a reasonable price.

How easy is to use?

The good thing is that you can signup without having a credit card at hand for its 14 days free trial. Also good is that you don’t need to create a password because you only need to enter your email and you’re sent a one-time passcode. So, no need to generate and save passwords.

The bad thing is that the sign-up is messy. It’s also not helpful that 500apps doesn’t remember from which of its – granted – many apps you came from and makes you remember the app you want to use.

After your first login, you’ll first create your project delivers what you expect of it. It has a clear and clean interface making it easy to use, yet powerful enough that you can conduct a full transaction with a contact from purchase orders to delivery notes.

Uncluttered interface

Key features

Everything revolves around contacts in You can use it not only for lead management but also for managing vendors and partners.


If you already have a list of contacts, they can be imported easily. lets you then manage all of your contact info including phone numbers, emails, and addresses as well as billing information.

You can create lists according to contact type or connection type which helps you get organised. Of course, you can work in a team, just add other users. You can see at a glance the chronological timeline of all contact points and don’t need to bother your employees for something as simple as getting the touch points.

If add, also part of 500apps suite of tools, you find accurate email addresses of your contacts.


Once you’ve integrated your email provider, can track open and engagement rates, and log information back into contact records. You can send emails from and automate outreach. Also nifty is that you can create automated email reminders.


You can create as many sales pipelines as you like and with as many milestones as you need. This helps you keep track of the progress of every deal so that you can detect any inefficient workflow.


There are always going to be some kind of documents you need for your closing a deal, be it proposals or the actual deal contract itself. You can add new documents and link them to the deals, tasks, or contacts. You can also send them as attachments in your emails.

Tasks and automation

Just imagine how many things there are to do and to not miss any, you can add and manage your tasks with

And who wants to do the same things over and over again? Not only is it tedious but also prone to errors. To make your working day easier, use’s drag-and-drop flow builders to automate tasks.


Your dashboard doubles as reporting. will track the entire sales cycle and show it on your dashboard. It’ll show in real-time interactive reports and give predictions on future performance based on past and present actions.

Your dashboard is also where you find sales analytics integrations

If you’ve subscribed to, you can use any of the other 49 apps in and they’ll talk to each other so that you can run any aspect of your business, from inventory management to customer help desk, all with just that one subscription of $14.99 per month.


This however is not the usual case and you’re most probably already using another selection of services. At the time of writing this review, offers 9 built-in integrations. customer support

As part of 500apps, you can contact its support team 24/5 via email, live chat, or phone. pricing

The cool thing about 500apps is that if you sign up for one of its services such s Ninjasites, you can use any of its other 49 apps for the same subscription fee.

500apps offers 3 plans

Is the right tool for you?

If you only need CRM capabilities, is a nice and easy to use software that you can use without a lengthy training period. Yet, it’s just as powerful as other CRMs covering the needs of SMEs such as Onepage CRM or Pipedrive.

What makes so strong is that it comes with a whole host of other tools that help you manage your business, from human resource management to marketing automation.

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