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Zendesk Sell review

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The full customer cycle starts with developing demand generation and should end with onboarding and help desk. For all activities and interactions that you’ll have with a contact, you’ll want a tool that helps you foster meaningful relationships. A tool, that helps sales, marketing, and support teams to work together on all lead and customer needs so that you can turn a prospect into a lifelong customer.

You probably know the name Zendesk as the customer support and help desk provider. It’s only a small jump to add features so that the customer support tool that already has all the details of an existing customer into a fully-grown CRM that also helps you organise your work around sales and marketing. And so, Zendesk Sell was launched.

Zendesk Sell gives you the tools you and your sales and marketing teams need to be effective, increase their effectiveness, know where a contact stands in the sales process, and close deals.

Pros and cons of Zendesk Sell

Organisation and keeping track of your contacts are crucial to any business’s sales and marketing success. Imagine the outcome of your sales team when it contacts a lead without knowing where they stand in the sales process.

On the other hand, helping a newly closed deal to onboard and help them is just as crucial: And, you know what a contact wants and needs so you’ll be better able to deliver and make them into a lifelong customer.

With built-in prospecting tools, account management, and their integration with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell, gives you everything you and your sales, marketing, and support teams need to understand and track the entire customer journey


  • Easy to use
  • Highly integrated with Zendesk help desk application
  • You can customise your dashboard


  • Get pricy quickly
  • Limited number of sales pipelines in the lower plans
  • Most reporting features are reserved for the higher tiers

Who is Zendesk Sell for?

Zendesk Sell works well for business owners and teams that want a tool to help track customer interactions but without a lengthy setup or training period. You can organise all the information you need in one place, track the activity of a contact, and get a reporting on your teams’ performance – in short, be productive right away.

How easy is Zendesk Sell to use?

If you’ve already used a CRM application, you’ll feel at home right away. Zendesk doesn’t want or need to innovate in the space. Instead, it focuses on making it so that you can be productive right away.

You can easily get your job done easily enough. Just think of what you need to do throughout the day – contacting a lead, creating all kinds of document, and so on. Zendesk Sell will also set some handy reminders so that you won’t miss any deadlines.

Your job gets even easier because it lets you customise, add or remove any aspect of your CRM to fit your business needs.

The navigation and interface won’t hide any surprises. On the contrary, it’s very easy to find anything you need and start using the tool quickly.

Key features

Getting started involves pulling in any existing client data in a vcf or csv format or from one of their main rival products such as Salesforce. Everything revolves around your contacts.

Contact and lead management

After the initial import, you’ll want to create and edit your contacts. Needless to say, Zendesk has a neat, uncluttered tool for you to manage not only leads but also deals. You can create, edit, and keep track of your lead history.

To make your life even easier, you can just start by adding a new contact by entering their email address and Zendesk Sell automatically fills in their information using its contacts database. It’ll also help you avoid duplicates.

Communication channels

This should be an industry standard: Having seamless integration with your email and calendar provider. Zendesk Sell does exactly that: offering seamless integration Gmail, Outlook, and other emailing services.

For emails, you can create an unlimited number of email templates available to all users on your account. No matter if send emails individually or in bulk, Zendesk Sell tracks in real-time how many times your emails get opened or whether people clicked on any links inside the email. It’ll also send a notification as soon as someone opens your sent email. That is if you subscribe to a plan higher than its entry plan Team.

You can use text messaging or make and receive calls from your account. Any action with a contact will be logged to give you a seamless history of interactions.


Depending on your subscription, you get sales triggers as well as sequences and task notifications. The automation is centred around the stages a contact conversation is in. This means you’re not automating workflows but around the tasks of a specific stage in your sales funnel.

Task and project management

Getting organised is an integral part of your business. You want to get an overall picture of what you have been doing, what is pending, and what needs to be completed is a breeze. You also want to easily add and manage tasks from the Tasks page or directly from the lead, contact, and deal cards.

You can see what you have to do on the lead, contact, or deal card, or directly in the Calendar or Tasks pages. And last but not least, you can use the built-in calendar or integrate with Google or Microsoft 365 calendars.


Logging all the activities is for naught if you can’t use it. In the tab reporting, you get many tools for analysing your sales performance and pipeline. There are tools to visualise the sale funnel, total sales, and so forth.

Zendesk Sell integrations

Zendesk’s original product was its help desk software. No wonder Sell integrates seamlessly with it. Zendesk also provides integrations to third party applications for

  • Setting appointments
  • Sales funnel management
  • Project management

You’ll find a huge number of add-ons in Zendesk’s Marketplace.

Zendesk Sell customer support

You can reach customer support online, by email and phone during standard business hours. You can also subscribe to premium support plans or book a tech account manager. These however are additional services you need to pay extra.

Zendesk Sell pricing

Zendesk doesn’t have a free plan. You can subscribe to one of its four plans on a month-to-month basis or take advantage of a 20% discount if you pay per year. Keep in mind that when you cancel your subscription, you can’t recover your account and all data is lost.

The more features you need to higher the plan

Is Zendesk Sell the right tool for you?

Zendesk Sell is a no-frills and hence easy to use CRM yet with a high degree of customisation. It’s great when you’ve not used a CRM. Mind though, you’re charged per user per month and that can easily add up. Or in other words, if your team has 3 members, for just under $700 per year, you get a well-rounded set of features and above you may want other options.

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