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Webit review

Good news for design lovers: the choice of website builder that give you a ton of flexibility and control to make pixel-perfect sites is growing. You get visual tools to realise what you envision – all without prior technical knowledge.

One of this new breed of website builder with high flexibility and customisability is Webit. It allows you to create and launch your website the way you see it even with animations, all within minutes.

As one of the new breed of website builder for designers and anyone who likes to have a high degree of control to realise what they envision, Webit is an interesting choice: It offers all features you need to create a professional and attractive website, but without

  • trial periods
  • credit card
  • Webit branding

Webit was launched by George Argyrousis in 2018. You can view his own website, built in Webit itself: As you see, it’s still quite a fresh and new website builder. Hence you can expect to see more and more features down the road.

Pros and cons of Webit

Webit is an online website builder aiming to give anyone the tools to create a professional website without the need to write a single line of code. As of writing this review. It’s free to use. With the free plan you get all you need to create and launch a crisp and beautiful website without branding or any dark patterns that say you get to use for free but still have to add your credit card details.

If you need more advanced and business features, you can subscribe to Webit’s professional plan at €16 per month. Then you can make multi page websites instead of just onepagers with the free plan.

For this review, I got access to review the advanced features but know that the Professional plan with all its goodies is “coming soon”, as you’ll see when you hop on Webit’s website.


  • Forever free plan without branding or credit card
  • Easy to use but with a lot of freedom and flexibility


  • No integrations

Who is Webit for?

If you like to “have things just like you want”, take a peek at Webit. Webit was created with the creative professional, indie creator or visual designer in mind. You can already now use it as your portfolio site or as your information hub to link.

How easy is Webit to use?

If you just want to give Webit a spin, you don’t even need to create an account. Webit has thoughtfully added a demo button. But if you want to publish your onepager, you need an account.

Webit editor

The editor is clearly structured and all elements are arranged so that you don’t need to go on a hunt. Webit has placed its tools in the lower right hand corner.

The design tools are handy and help you design your site just like you want. Any change you make is reflected in the canvas but you can always look at how it looks on other screen sizes or use the zoom function to make it bigger and smaller. The editor also has redo and undo buttons.

Webit comes with a bunch of advanced design tools so that you have a granular control of how your site looks. You can for example rearrange the structure of your page or animate an element.

Once you’re satisfied with how your website looks, go ahead and publish it with a click on the earth-icon.

If you subscribe to the Professional plan, you’ll see the exact same editor, but now can use the advanced features such as add more pages to the site.

Design and templates

As Webit is still a new service, its collection of templates is still quite limited. Nonetheless, you can still make your sites look different even when you’re always using the same templates.

Webit templates

Speaking of the templates, some are labelled as “mobile-first”. Don’t let that confuse you, they’re are all optimised to look good on any device be it mobile or desktop.

Since Webit is quite a young service, it doesn’t have yet a full templates gallery to boast. Still, you get 4 templates so that you don’t have to stare at a blank page.

Content elements

To speed things up, Webit also has prepared a content elements. These are blocks of content that you can use for your navigation, to add a form, headlines and more. Place these content blocks anywhere you need on your page.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Webit?

Once the Professional plan rolls out, you can add custom HTML (and CSS) to your site. Then it’s a jiffy to add a shopping cart such as Cartloom. To know how to retroactively add a shopping cart to any website, pop over to How to add a shopping cart to your existing website.

What marketing tools does Webit provide?

Out of the gates, Webit is optimised for SEO. All websites are secured with SSL and load blazingly fast.

Webit also lets you add Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager to your site. You can also set the meta title and meta description.


In the professional plan, you’ll be able to add custom HTML blocks. This means you can add any service to your site that publishes embeddable widgets.

Payment options

Since you can embed custom HTML with the coming Professional plan, you can add a Paypal or Stripe buy.


All websites hosted on Webit are encrypted with an SSL certificate which is a factor for SEO.

Customer support

At the time of this review, only the free plan is available. With the free plan, you have to rely on self help resources or use the contact form to get in touch with Webit’s team. Once the Professional plan launches, you also get dedicated support.


Webit has a very generous free plan.

Webit prices

A professional plan is coming soon which gives you more advanced and business features. The professional plan is more than fair.

Is Webit the right solution for you?

If like working in Sketch or Figma or just like to have full control, Webit is such an attractive tool. It’s not overloaded with features but you still can do what you want with it: You can enable more advanced design tools like showing a grid or designing free hand. Even if you don’t use the advanced design tools, you can make the website your own, even if you use one of Webits templates. Of course, you can also start from scratch.

The free plan doesn’t limit you in any way if you don’t mind launching a onepager. It also comes with visitor email submissions and SEO features. And, it comes for free. What’s not to like?

If you like to have a website builder for designers that also has a builtin shopping cart, then take a look at Carrd.

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