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Kickofflabs review – is just another landing page builder?

Let’s say you already have a presence on one of the social media networks and you want to launch campaigns so that you can start growing your email list. In such a case, you’d want a landing page.

As a digital marketer, one of the most important tasks is to generate high quality leads. Even better, if you can pull off building a system that generates leads on autopilot. In such a system, one of the elements is a landing page, where a visitor lands after a click on a link in a social media or ad campaign.

If you’re not a developer, have a team, or just want to build your system quickly without tearing out your hears, that’s where landing page builders come in handy. Kickofflabs lets you create landing pages without coding (of course, if you know CSS and HTML, you have far more customisation options).

As you’d expect from a landing page builder, you also get analytics and A/B testing. Then Kickofflabs kicks things up a notch (I couldn’t resist the pun) and also provides an affiliate programme, so that you can reward your customers when they bring new customers to your business.

Since its launch in 2011, Kickofflabs is serving singlepreneur, startups, and household brand names such as Microsoft. It was the first presence of the jack-of-all-trades Zapier when it set out. Kickofflabs has its headquarters in Seattle, USA.

Pros and cons of Kickofflabs

Kickofflabs is more than just a landing page builder. You also get an email autoresponder, affiliate program, and the all-important analytics. You can sort and filter your list to see who is your greatest evangelist. You subscribe to its service with a monthly subscription.


  • Signup process doesn’t ask for credit card details
  • Referral/gamification built-in
  • Easy to grasp and use


  • Limited campaigns and visitors
  • Limited integrations

Who is Kickofflabs for?

When you launch your product or set out on your entrepreneurial journey, you want to validate your idea in a cost-efficient manner. You may want to let people sign up and share a waitlist. In other words, whenever you launch a campaign, Kickofflabs comes in handy. You can create an entire system that can consists of multiple landing pages, thank you pages, and email autoresponder without the need for a developer team.

You can run giveaways and raffles as well as the “normal” campaigns. Kickofflabs has designed a viral boost mechanism into the campaigns that allows to capture new leads through referral and social media sharing. This can help your campaigns go viral.

Of course, if you’re running an agency, you’ll probably be running contests, launching campaigns – in short, lead generation for your clients and Kickofflabs can streamline your activities.

How easy is Kickofflabs to use?

After your first login, you’d be asked about your role

  • Run a contest to grow an existing email list
  • Launch a new business, product, or a service
  • Manage lead generation for a client

No matter what your role is, you’re taken to a 5 step campaign creation process.

  1. Set the name of your campaign
  2. Choose the type
  3. Decide if your leads signup is a landing page, a context box, or a form on an existing website
  4. Decide what your leads see after signup (send them to a status page or show the contest)
  5. Choose a signup and status page and customise them

Now it’s time to customise your contest box, forms, and pages. You can change the colours and text. It’s easy to add more fields to a form. You can also change the localisation (that is language, timezone, etc). And lastly, you install or embed it on your site or any page that lets you embed code. As for the forms, they’re all ready and only need to be embedded where you want them.

The drag-and-drop page builder is easy to grasp and lets you quickly rearrange and customise the chosen landing page template. If you know CSS and HTML, you have a much larger degree of freedom to customise each element. You can use a subdomain of Kickofflabs or your own domain (paid feature) to publish your landing page.

The drag-and-drop page builder is easy to use

The entire interface is uncluttered and very easy to use. Once a campaign is created, it consists of the lead generation, leads, reports, and setup. We’ve just covered lead generation. The leads section shows you the people who’ve signed up. In reports, you’ll get to see how many visitors came and converted into leads – the all-important analytics. Lastly, in setup you get to assign scores to your leads, define your rewards, set up the autoresponders, and tweak more settings.

Design and templates

Each campaign type comes with its own mobile-ready template. They’re designed to increase overall conversion rates. That being said, conversion always also depends on your offer and content.

Clean and modern templates

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Kickofflabs?

Kickofflabs sees its task in helping you validate your idea and build (viral) campaigns. Which means that it helps you collect visitor data and convert them into leads. Hence, running an online store is out of scope. But you can connect it to your Shopify store and award your shoppers.


The forms and contest box can be embedded anywhere that allows embedded code. Kickofflabs has integrations with CRMs and email providers such as Activecampaign and Klaviyo. If you don’t find yours, you can always use Zapier or a webhook.

What marketing tools does Kickofflabs provide?

To be an effective tool for marketers, Kickofflabs has integrated reporting that also covers autoresponders and fraud detection.


You edit the browser page title and page description in the basic settings of a page.

Split testing

To know which version of a page converts better and to remove guesswork, run a split test. Kickofflabs keeps track of the versions and reports on traffic and confusion rates.


The leads section is like a mini CRM. It works with the scoring tool found in setup so that you can assign points to the contact to help you determine quality and interest. It’s also where you manage the referral mechanism to drive your campaigns.


With help of the autoresponder, you can automate campaign messaging. This includes mail as well as text messages.

Payment options

Since you can add custom HTML code snippets to your landing page, you can also place Paypal buttons on your page and accept payment. At the time of writing this review, Kickofflabs doesn’t track purchases made.


All pages built and hosted with Kickofflabs are secured with SSL.

Customer support

Even with a page builder with no learning curve, there’s still a chance you come across a question or two. In such a situation, you have self-serve resources such as the searchable help centre. Or you can ask the community and get advice from a peer. Lastly, you can contact its support team via email.


The free forever plan lets you experience Kickofflabs basic features but is quite limited. You get to run a mini-campaign for up to 500 leads per month. It has 4 paid plans. The pricing structure is in the same ballpark as its competitors.

If you opt for paying all 6 months or annually you can save up to 30%

Is Kickofflabs the right solution for you?

Kickofflabs makes it easy to build a landing page quickly with its drag-and-drop editor. If this were its only feature, it sounds just like any other landing page builder. But since the landing pages are also paired with what your leads see after signup, autoresponders, and the referral program, this makes Kickofflabs interesting if you want to build campaigns that more or less run on autopilot.
But unless you are subscribing to the premium plan or above, you’ll find restrictions on the number of visitors and campaigns.

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