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Usually, when you create a website with a no-code website builder, it’s hard to make it into something more than a brochure with links. With you can add interactive content to your site. When you hop over to its website, you see that its slogan is to “transform your website with personalised interactions. This means you can add quizzes, polls, flip cards, and more to your website without a developer.

It comes with a templates gallery so that you don’t sit in front of a blank page. You can quickly design, edit, and launch interactive content (widgets) with its WYSIWYG interface (What You See Is What You Get).

Think of this interactive widgets similar to an interactive guide that leads your viewers through making a decision for example when choosing a gift or when opening a bank account. You create such widgets, and when done, add them to your website.

Pros and cons of

Before you read the entire review, know that doesn’t target individuals or SMEs. You can see it on their pricing page with a big button “Contact us” instead of a price.

That being said, it’s a software as a service and you can expect it to be subscription-based. This also means you don’t need to think of downloading, installing, and updating it.


  • Easy signup without credit card
  • The interactive content is HTML5
  • You get access to Getty Images and video with your subscription
  • Easy to use


  • Painfully slow at times
  • Not for SMEs
  • Support is not responding

Who is for?

Obviously, isn’t targeting solopreneurs and SMEs as you need to contact them for the price. When you check out its customer list, you see that most of them are blue chip and legacy entertainment industry companies. is an interesting option, if you’re a publisher or an agency, or some both with the pockets and also the plan to launch many interactive items on a regular basis.

How easy is to use?

It’s nice to see that you can sign up for the 14 day free trial without a credit card and it can’t be easier than with the Google or Facebook on-click signup.

To create an interactive widget, you pick a template, choose how to place it, and then add your content before you launch it. Or in’s words, you choose an experience, place and edit it, then launch it.

Where and how to place your widget

With the WYSIWYG interface you can add your content with the WYSIWYG interface. It lets you set the start screen, transition, and customise the look and feel so that the widget doesn’t jar with but fits well into your website.

Add your content with the WYSIWYG interface

It’s a pleasant experience to create widgets in’s interface. It’s straightforward and nothing is hidden behind cryptic icons or endless submenus.

The WYSIWYG interface doesn’t give you a great degree of freedom to customise. The finished widget appears (at least in my eyes) very cookie-cutter. This is not necessarily a bad thing: You can create fast interactive content without a developer.

The interactive widgets made in are HTML5. This makes them embeddable and search engines can crawl them.

Design and templates

The templates are arranged in verticals. says the templates are optimised for conversion but of course, this also depends on your content.

The templates are optimised for conversion

You don’t need to use a template if you have a clear idea and want to start with a blank page.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with only adds interactive widgets to your website. It’s just like a Ecwid or Cartloom that you embed into your website to extend its functionality.


You can see how well the interactive widgets have performed (how many times it was loaded, how many conversions they generated etc). For more detailed analytics, you can connect your account to a third party platform such as Google analytics. You can also connect it to your email marketing platform and CRM.

What marketing tools does provide? is a marketing tool for your website. It’s not an all-purpose website builder.

Since you can connect to your CRM and email marketing providers, it can help you segment your contacts and get better insights.

Customer support

For this review, I contacted mainly to get the pricing but also to see how responsive the support team is. It’s disappointing, but I never got an answer.

Pricing is not priced for SMEs.

It’s telling that its client base is mostly blue chip and legacy entertainment

Is the right solution for you? gives you a tool to add interactive widgets to your site instead of plain text-based forms. Although may not see Abcsubmit or Cognito Forms as direct competitors, you can also add an interactive layer to your site with these services. You can even accept payments with them.

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