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Mailmunch review

Mailmunch started as a lead generation service. It gives you tools such as forms and landing pages to capture leads and grow your list. But it has grown into email marketing.

It was created in 2015 by Adeel Raza. It offers a plethora of form templates for all kinds of form types such as popups and banners. So it was mainly used by small and mid-sized businesses to create and embed forms on their websites. The so captured leads were then imported into services such as Mailchimp and Aweber.

So as not to miss out on this opportunity, Mailmunch now also offers email marketing. Of course, you can still use it now just to build forms and landing pages as a frontend and as the backend use another automation tool such as Esputnik.

Pros and cons of Mailmunch

Its core is to help you collect contact info such as email address from your website visitors. As an email list builder, it has a ton of integrations with other service providers.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Huge template selection for forms, landing pages, and campaigns
  • The many campaign types, so that you can choose to send an autoresponder, drip, or broadcast


  • SEO tool for landing pages only available for paid users
  • Automation still in beta

Who is Mailmunch for?

In the career of a marketer, you often face the task of collecting emails in one of the steps in your funnel. This also applies to business owners or bloggers. Oftentimes, the main task of a website is to capture and convert a lead. Mailmunch gives you an easy way to create optin forms and landing pages at affordable prices.

Mailmunch user interface

Since its core is lead capturing, when you sign up, you have to choose the platform you’re going to use Mailmunch:

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Weebly
  • Other

This are the most popular website builders. Then you’re taken through a multistep setup. This is to help you get a consistent design with your logo and to connect with your social media.

You can build the following types of forms

  • Popup
  • Embedded
  • Topbar
  • Scrollbox
  • Cover
5 form types

For each form type, you’ve got a wide range of templates to select from. The templates can be filtered by goals or categories. You’re guided through each step until you can publish your form.

Landing page templates gallery

Building a landing form is just as easy. It also has a large selection of templates that you can filter by category.

You’ll find the important KPIs on your dashboard and can monitor the performance of your forms, landing pages, autoresponders, etc, which are all called campaigns in Mailmunch’s lingo.

The interface is intuitive and uncluttered

To improve your lead capturing, Mailmunch gives you the option to split test your forms. You’ll directly in the dashboard the conversion rate, impressions, and subscribers so that you can decide which variant to keep.


In contrast to Mailmunch, I will not call forms and landing pages a campaign. You have can set up

  • Autoresponders
  • Broadcasts
  • Drip sequences
  • Automations

These are the new features. As with forms and landing pages, you’ll find a wide range of templates for your campaign and you’ll be guided through the steps of setting up a campaign.

List management, segmentation, and personalisation

The CRM too follows the same design philosophy and is easy to understand and use. You can filter the list with the predefined criteria and directly create a segment out of the filtered list.

This is useful to segment your list so that you can send the right message to the right people at the right time. But it doesn’t have segmentation logic and conditions. And, there’s another but…


The automation is still in beta and only available as a premium feature. Read: Pay Mailmunch for an immature feature and to iron out all the bugs.

Mailmunch integrations

Mailmunch has many integrations. As it first started out as a tool to build forms, it can integrate with the known email providers. And then of course there’s Zapier.

Mailmunch reporting

You’ll find all the metrics in your dashboard so that you can track how your campaigns, forms, and landing pages perform


Not only will you find a searchable knowledge base, but there’s always a chat icon in the lower right-hand corner on the website. So, if you’re working on something, you can always open the chat and contact the support team. The average response time is a few hours but it’s not clear on the website when the support is available.


Mailmunch has 2 separate sets for its lead capture tools and email marketing platform. Both include a free tier and you can save if you choose to subscribe annually instead of monthly.

Lead capturing tools pricing
Email marketing pricing

Is Mailmunch right for you?

With its ease of use and ginormous template gallery for forms and landing pages, Mailmunch is great if you want to add a form on your site without having to trouble a developer.

Should you be on the hunt for an email solution, you might want to use Mailmunch to create attractive forms and use another provider so that you have access to advanced email marketing features such as automation with if conditions.

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