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Dorik review

Building websites nowadays isn’t something only techies can do since there is a diverse range of no code website builders. But if you value design, you’ll want a website builder that also gets that aesthetics isn’t just something to be slapped on willy-nilly. That’s exactly where Dorik sees itself.

Dorik is a no code website builder promising to be both flexible and easy to use. You can build landing pages as well as multi-page websites and blogs. This distinction comes from the fact that Dorik separates building and designing the website with its drag-and-drop editor from the content writing and managing (CMS).

As you’d expect after reading that Dorik has a drag-and-drop editor, it also comes with a library of more than 25 pre-built templates that you can customise. It also has more than 140 predesigned design blocks that it calls UI blocks so that you can quickly put together the pages of your website.

Launched in 2019 by Mizanur Rahman and Anwar, Dorik started as a single page website builder. The CMS was added as a public beta in late 2021.

Pros and cons of Dorik

With Dorik, you can build landing pages and websites fast and without writing code. It comes with a large collection of UI blocks and templates. When you subscribe, Dorik will allow you to connect to your custom domain and secure your site with SSL. It also takes care of security and maintenance so you don’t need to worry about installing software and updates.


  • Forever free plan but only for static sites and landing pages
  • Easy to use
  • Collaborate with your teammates
  • You can export the code


  • You need to subscribe to a Dorik CMS plan if you know you’re going to publish a blog or need its CMS
  • With over 140 content blocks, a search function would have been handy

Who is Dorik for?

If you’re a freelancer or agency and build websites regularly for clients, Dorik can speed up your work substantially. It’s a useful tool especially since you can white label it. This means you can share access to a site with your clients without revealing that it’s built on Dorik. It’s great if you work in a team as you can invite your teammates and collaborate on a project.

Dorik is also a great tool if you’re a creative – be it designer, musician, or photographer ad you want to showcase your work.

How easy is Dorik to use?

This is a novel experience after working with and reviewing quite a few tools. With Dorik, you can try it out without even creating an account. You only need to sign up once you know you want to use it and then your account is created in just a minute. As with many website builders, you start with picking your template.

Working with the editor to add your content is a piece of cake

If you want to publish a one page or a multi-page website consisting of static content, you don’t need to add a CMS. In this case, Dorik Classic is perfectly fine. If you want to have a website with dynamic content such as a blog or a membership site, you need to create a CMS.

Design and templates

Dorik has pre-built a little over 25 templates. Some are specifically designed as landing pages, but you also got multi-page templates that can be used for multiple purposes such as agency or service site.

The templates are modern

To quickly built a page, Dorik offers over 140 UI blocks. This can be a form, a carousel, a pricing table, or other content blocks. It’s a really good idea, but with so many different blocks, a search function would come in handy – although you can list them according to their function such as coming soon, testimonials, and navigation.

How easy is managing your ecommerce store with Dorik?

Even though Dorik offers a CMS for dynamic content, it’s not designed for managing an online store. With that said, you create a simple buy now button and connect it to a payment service provider such as Stripe.

If you need a more powerful option, you can add a shopping cart to solution such as Ecwid or Cartloom to your site, since Dorik allows you to embed custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Having integrations with third party services is always helpful. With them, you can extend what your website can do such as

  • Automate tasks with Zapier or Integromat
  • Integrate with your email marketing service
  • Send custom form data to your Airtable account

What marketing tools does Dorik provide?

Out of the gates, Dorik is optimised for performance and loading times. This contributes to your ranking since search engines favour sites that load faster.


You get built-in SEO settings so that you can edit meta tags such as page titles. Dorik will automatically generate the sitemap.xml file that you can submit to Google. It also features built-in image optimisation.


If you want to publish a blog, you need to subscribe to one of Doriks CMS plans. Working with the CMS to write and publish blog posts is a walk in the park. Even if you can’t set a time when your posts are going to be published, you still get useful options such as adding categories and tags or setting sections of the post to be only visible to your members.

Payment options

When you add a payment button, you need to connect it to a one of the provided payment providers

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Gumroad
  • Paddle

The payment button is only available in the Dorik Classic plan Premium and all the CMS plans.


Regardless of your plan, all websites created with and hosted on Dorik are encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Customer support

Wherever you are on Dorik’s website, you’ll always find the support chat icon with a note if the support team is online or not. You also have access to its extensive and searchable help centre.


Did I mention that you can test drive Dorik without an account and for free? Dorik gives you 2 main prices

  • 1 for static websites that don’t need a CMS
  • 1 for dynamic content websites that need a CMS

Within these main categories, Dorik has another 3 plans for each of them. Going for higher plans unlocks more features.

Do you need a CMS?

Is Dorik the right solution for you?

Like all services, Dorik has its own set of upsides and downsides. Its biggest upside is that it’s commendably easy to use both for non-techies and techies. Its editor is more powerful than Carrd but it doesn’t have a learning curve like Webflow.

That said, if you need ecommerce functionality out of the box and you plan on building and scaling to a large online store, you may be happier with a specialised shopping cart solution such as Shopify or Shift4shop.

Dorik is a young service and has a long roadmap. Its developers are actively working on new features and ironing out bugs. Even better, you can suggest what you like to have in a future release.

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