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Onepage CRM review

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Onepage CRM is what you’d expect from a customer relationship management tool. It allows you to manage your contacts and activities related to each of them. But then it makes a sidestep and gives you tools to do follow ups – according to the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. It calls it Next Action Strategy (NAS). This trademarked strategy allows you and your sales team to stay focused on the follow ups. The service wants to help business improves relationships with their stakeholders.

In 2010, the founders Gosia Jasiewicz and Michael FitzGerald launched Onepage as a web based service. It combines proven sales methodology with a CRM. It counts household names such as Sixt and T-Mobile as its clients and boasts 11’000+ customers. It’s based in Europe.

Pros and cons of Onepage CRM

Onepage CRM lets you store contacts and activities related to each in a database. It then maps out when it’s a good time to interact with them, like when you should follow up or push them down your sales pipeline.

You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a browser. You can also work on the go, including logging calls, adding deals, scheduling activities, and so on thanks to its mobile app.


  • Transparent and reasonable prices
  • signup without credit card
  • easy to use
  • Onepage CRM backs up your data every night
  • Responsive and competent support team


  • Onepage CRM doesn’t keep track of your website so that it can’t completely track campaigns
  • No built-in calendar

Who is Onepage CRM for?

Although Onepage CRM was built with small and medium sized businesses in mind, leading companies are using it as well.

Thanks to its clean and intuitive interface, a novice can be productive without a steep learning curve while still offering the advanced features needed by a power user. It’s a bit like an assistant aiding you with your daily work. It reminds you what tasks you need to do and when to do them.

How easy is Onepage CRM to use?

Onepage CRM strives to be your sales assistant. It focuses on giving you the next step when working with your clients, in the sales process. This means it keeps things nice and simple – the opposite of a bloated application.

This means it’s not just like a static spreadsheet. The core of Onepage CRM is its Action Stream showing you the next action you need to do. If you follow its suggestions, you can improve what’s important to you, be it bookings or sales – in one word: growth.

Onboarding checklist

It’s also very nice to see how Onepage CRM strives to help you out. It has helpful onboarding tips packaged as a checklist.

Key features

Onepage CRM is not “just” another database to store your contacts with their activities. With its GTD approach, it shows you a colour-coded to-do list at the right time. The software prompts you to decide on the next action whenever you’ve completed a task.

It helps you to think about what needs to be done at what time so that you can convert leads, engage and retain customers, and win deals. It’s really like a thoughtful assistant prompting you to do what you need to do. Hence you don’t get distracted or stressed by less urgent or even unnecessary tasks.


At the core of all CRMs are of course the contacts. Cool is that gives you a nifty tool with which you can create contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, and Outlook in just one click. This tool is called Lead Clipper Chrome Extension.

Onepage CRM stores activities related to each contact such as associated deals, communication history, notes, and next actions.

Email management

Onepage CRM doesn’t want you to switch or choose between your email and your CRM. It offers you a two-way email sync so that you can send, receive, and reply to emails straight from its interface.

Not only does it allow you to communicate via email with an individual, you can also send personalised emails in bulk. For all of this, it gives you templates and keeps a tab of each email sent or received.

Of course, for this to work, you need to connect your Onepage CRM account with your email provider be it Gmail or whatnot. And, you’ll need to signup for its Business plan.

Opportunities and pipeline

Since Onepage CRM keeps track of the communication with your contacts, it can identify leads from the channels you work with and organises them by deal size and type.

It’ll prompt you to engage with your leads at the right time so that you can move them along your sales process.


As Onepage CRM keeps a tab on all the activities, you get to see how you and your team performed. It shows the performance from different angles such as emails, notes, calls, deals, and actions.

Onepage CRM integrations

Integrations are important not only when you want Onepage CRM to allow you to email and keep track of your communication. It’s also important if you want to schedule meetings, calls, and reminders. Mind you, there’s no calendar in Onepage CRM but with the right integration, it will sync to your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

Onepage integrations

Onepage CRM’s integrations fall into

  • lead generation
  • accounting and invoicing
  • communication and marketing
  • customer support
  • task management

It also comes with an API or Zapier if the prebuilt integrations don’t measure up.

Onepage CRM customer support

When you’re logged in, you can always pull up the chat tool and get in touch with the support team. The support usually responds in a few hours and is competent.

Onepage CRM pricing

You can test drive Onepage CRM for 21 days for free before committing to one of its 2 plans. If you need multiple pipelines and email tracking, go for its Business plans.

Onepage CRM prices

You can sign up for any of the paid plans without having your credit card at hand.

Is Onepage CRM the right tool for you?

Onepage CRM is clearly targeting salespeople or business owners. It works well for startups and SMBs. It sees itself serving agencies, software companies, financial services, real estate, and manufacturing. It’ll also work well for consulates, lawyers, and other B2B firms.

Although it boasts Ryanair and T-Mobile as its clients, Onepage CRM isn’t the ideal solution for large teams.

If you don’t mind not having a sales assistant but instead value having a calendar, take a look at Capsule. It also has a clutter-free interface without a learning curve.

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